Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

A Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition is in the works for a February 12-13 run at Clifton's Brookdale in Los Angeles. An astounding array of artists like Tim Biskup, Chris Mars, Stella Im Hultberg, Glenn Barr, Ryan Heshka, and Jessica Joslin will show pieces inspired by David Lynch's classic show. I hope to showcase more of the work from the exhibition here at BB in the future, but in the meantime please gaze in awe at Joslin's owl sculpture made for the event. Exquisite. “In The Trees: TWIN PEAKS 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition(Thanks, Stacey Ransom!)


  1. I suppose my hair is greying under the layers and layers of hairdye, but I remember watching Twin Peaks in a very small town in Northern New York State, 20 years ago.

    The site doesn’t make clear how long the exhibit runs. At any rate, I’ll be on the other side of the continent during its opening.

    That owl *is* awesome.

  2. I’m not sure if I dreamed this or maybe just heard it on the radio while waking up, but I believe today is David Lynch’s birthday. Google knows for sure if you’d like to find out. I enjoy not being certain.

  3. We’re only five years away from ’25 years later’… that’s just enough time to get a film / miniseries together so that we can finally find out how Annie is.

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