Eggshell planters

Photo-3 I spotted this wonderful display of eggshell planters at the mighty Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco's Mission District. (Note the fresh-from-the-fryer bacon maple apple donuts in the upper left.) Instructables has a how-to on making your own "eggshell seed starters."


  1. Thanks for infecting my brain, I never knew about bacon maple apple donuts.

    They’re only 2959 miles away… road trip?

  2. OK, decorative, artistic, and useful items can be made from eggshells. I see a lot of them on BB. Is someone in the inner circle planning to publish an eggshell craftbook, or what?

  3. “Now I am as old
    As the Wester Wood,
    But have never seen anyone [planting] in eggshells!”

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