Kinect-controlled Disneyland sim lets you hug Mickey

Here's a demo of an immersive motion-controlled Disneyland simulator shown at this year's E3: using a Kinect, players can run around Disneyland, ride the rides, and even hug Mickey (which is a total show-stealer).

Star Wars Kinect & Disneyland Adventures - E3 2011 (via Wonderland)


  1. You can skip to 2:30 for the DL stuff.

    Yeah for minigames wrapped in a Disney shell that have been done by Wii and Eyetoy years before. Progress!

    1. I love my Eye-Toy, but comparing it (or Wii for that matter) to Kinects is akin to sompairing your old 1-button atari joystick to an X-Box controller S…

      1. Technology wise…maybe…but the implementation in this game is no better than what EyeToy did years ago…

  2. The important question: Does the game allow you to strangle and eviscerate the annoying, overcopyrighted beast?

  3. So, when I hug Mickey I can feel him in my arms, right? They won’t just completely pass through him because this is purely optical? Oh, they will? Then I’m not hugging Mickey, now am I?

  4. Just having survived 2 days at Euro Disney, I wonder if the simulation includes constant tripping over strollers, running into kids with ice-cream, the 110minute waiting line experience and the mental shock when seeing the prices for food and drink :)

  5. That Star Wars demo in the first half was painful to watch. Reminded me of every platform game I’ve ever played with a bad control scheme, rolled up into one. I’d put it down to the player being distracted by giving the presentation, but even when he was actively bobbing around it looked like it wasn’t doing what he intended half of the time.

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  7. Hugging Mickey is just the first level. On the second there’s kissing, on the third there’s heavy petting, and I believe in the final level the Seven Dwarfs get involved.

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