The most beautiful female goat in the world

Photo: Ali Jarekji / Reuters

Wasieef, a Maaz Al Shami (Damascene goat), won the first prize for the "Most Beautiful Goat" title in the female category at a recent event in Amman, Jordan. The Mazayen al-Maaz competition was the first such event held in the desert kingdom. If you would like to see Wasieef looking right at you, a portrait is after the jump.

Photo: Ali Jarekji / Reuters


  1. meh, it’s just a goat…. Do you know that goat is the first domesticated animal in which human kept for milk, and of course churn it into those revolting goat cheese before kittens came along.

    1. Do you know that goat is the first domesticated animal in which human
      kept for milk, and of course churn it into those revolting goat cheese
      before kittens came along.

      Wait, I’m confused.  Are you suggesting that when kittens came along humans kept them for milk, or that when kittens came along humans churned them into revolting cheese? 

  2. How is that goat in any way attractive.

    The goats that trim grass around the development my house is in look nice than that.


  3. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder… If you like goats with flappy lips then fine. Although I gotta admit I have never asked myself “is this a good looking animal” when I see a goat.

  4. Those pictures are deceptive in that they show the wrong side of the goat. They’re judging her by how trim her grass is, if you know what I mean.

  5. I don’t know about beautiful OR ugly.. but that is by far the /weirdest/ looking goat I’ve ever seen.

  6. The front view is fine. . .  archetypally “goat like”.  I think.  I live in suburbia and so have no idea.

    The side view?  Creepy.  Taun-Taun just before it freezes to death creepy.

  7. If that’s the most beautiful female goat, I don’t want to see the ugliest.  Holy moses, that’s freakish looking.  

  8. I thought for sure that goat had some kind of birth defect or genetic deformity. But it appears that the Damascene goats are actually bred to look like that. I mean, it’s no Chase No Face, but seriously? That frickin’ ugly goat won a beauty contest?

    1. Just spotted your post after mine, but yes – someone’s cropped her ears. Who would do that to a goat? It’s illegal to do that to a dog here in the UK, but I’m not sure about goats. Still, that seems pretty unpleasant.

    2. That’s what I thought!  About her ears, not her hair.  Just as the western world is started to get over the need to chop off puppy tails and ears for cosmetic reasons, we discover that they’re doing the same to goats elsewhere.  When will we be happy to leave an animal looking as evolution very intelligently designed it?

      1. Body modifications should be an automatic disqualification. Taking a knife to an animal has nothing at all to do with your skill at breeding and raising them, which is what’s really being tested in pet and livestock competitions in the first place.

        Want short ears on a Damascene goat? Breed a short-eared lineage and show your skill.

        (though honestly selective breeding can be just as inhumane. Many bulldogs are more or less damned to poor health from birth, and other breeds are just as screwed.)

  9. When compared to other pictures of the breed, this one looks downright deformed. Which begs the question: how did it win the title?

    1. Yeah, from the front view it looks like it has a collapsed bridge, plus it’s way off-centre too. I’m thinking its face is the result of a birth defect or some type of disease – and hopefully not the product of an injury.

    1. Horrible, isn’t it? Especially when their long ears are so pretty. In fact, part of judging the nubian goat (in a livestock show here in the US) is that if their ears are actually longer than their nose, the higher the score! While on my farm we would tattoo registration numbers to the inside of their ears (rather than putting a tag in there like with cattle) docking, cropping or cutting those lovely ears would be simply barbaric! Say what you will about the tattoos…

  10. Nice teets…

    Anyway, she looks like a sock puppet from the side. And pizzicato, I had goat cheese on a pizza once (no pun on your screen name intended). Pretty good stuff.

  11. I guess this proves that breeding smooshface animals for no good reason is not a decedent western thing. 

      1. Persian cats who were smooshed by British and American Breeders in the last 75 years? Why no I don’t think I did.

  12. I just did a Google image search of Damascene goats, and by golly, this one is a pretty typical example.  Thems a mighty peculiar breed of goat! And, it turns out, they take a lot of these prizes.

  13. Hey, I grew up on a goat dairy farm and we had 35 goats that we milked and bred for milk and meat. My goats were beautiful. This goat is a freak! WTF is that shortened and arced nose and serious underbite? How does this animal even chew food (or cud, as they are ruminates). We raised nubian goats who have a characteristic “Roman” nose, as it was called (please don’t flame me – that really was the official description) but this poor being seems to have been beaten or worse! Nubian goats ARE beautiful with their long ears and big noses, but to think of lopping of their ears is just horrible!

    One year, one of our does gave birth to twins in the dead of winter in the middle of the night that was well below freezing. We awoke to morning milking to find two shivering, sweet babies with frostbite to their sweet little ears. They both lived to be strong, old – well – goats with mismatched *cropped* ears!

    I miss all of them. Goats are very intelligent, affectionate and capricious. Yup, stubborn as a goat!

    Here is a little something I wrote about our goats, if anyone cares: Goats and Fences I really loved them all…

  14. ‘kay, I googled the damascene goat as well, and they are like smush-faced nubians, if you ask me. Weird… But here is another breed that defies ideal *beauty* in livestock (although I am quite fond of this breed) LaMancha Dairy Goats in Dairy Goat Journal The ideal animal has no outer ear at all – kind of like one of my frost bite babies! Perhaps that is where the affection comes from.

    BTW I subscribed to DGJ for years , and the registry behind the mag, American Dairy Goat Association, registered the pedigree of all of our goats.

  15. Ears cut in half and her muzzle looks like it’s been smashed in with the way it’s deviated to the side.

    Abuse is beautiful? Are they celebrating the goat or how much she’s been fucked up?

  16. Hey.  Put yourself in a male goat’s shoes.  THEN LOOK AT HER AGAIN.  See what I mean?  Yuuuuuup.  That’s right.  Now you know what I’m talking about?

  17. Absolutely astonished that no one’s mentioned Edward Albee’s “The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?” yet.

  18. @ Heguiberto
    I read this book, too and loved it.The way Brad Kessler tells of raising goats is SOOO true. You can tell by the way he tells this story that he loved his goats the same way I loved mine! What an incredible read and I really thank you for including that in this discussion!!! Yes, we made goat cheese on our farm as well. Maybe not under the same conditionss, but as a Buddhist, myself, I can see the meditative journey that cheese making can bring. And the sheer joy of partaking of that endeavor! May all sentient beings be enlightened by this effort! om ah hung!

  19. I notice there isn’t a single human girl in the crowd. Is this the equivalent of a stripclub in Jordan?

  20. you can almost see the drool dripping down all the men’s mouths. Only thing missin is homer and his hmmmm sexyyyy goats….

  21.   *yawn* 

    County fair, Arab style, so they have a goat show instead of a pumpkin weigh-in.

  22. It says a lot about the esthetic capacity of our readership at large, not just BB, that hardly anyone seems to get a lot out of these pictures. It says even more about media, publicity and the programming of readers’ visual cues. How is this goat so different from a Shar-Pei or a Chow Chow? Breeders have appreciated the subtle and not-so-subtle exaggerations of animal features for longer than human cultures have had history. The same readership that prides itself on its humanity when faced with difficult issues stumbles right out of the door when there is a change of context. All humor aside, it must be said that this kind of reaction seems a little to close to the rejection of different cultures, or discrimination. This is a stunningly beautiful animal, or don’t we learn anything from wildlife documentaries and magazines, or from travel? Why do people have no love for the “exotic”, which is actually what we should be viewing as our heritage? Our identities as citizens of one country or another are way overdue for change, and recognizing the limits of the span of our personal knowledge is probably one of the best places to start!

  23. In the picture itself, itself, it’s not the goat that worries me, so much as the look on the faces of all those men.  Then again I know people who go doolally (real word) over horses, dogs, etc.  It’s a cultural thang I suppose.

    My first thought was that it would end up being the best kebab ever.  So many recipes………….

  24. Shouldn’t she be disqualified for having had plastic surgery? She’s obviously had the ends of her ears cut off. They don’t grow that way.

  25. it’s freaking awesome that somewhere in the world a beauty competition is being won by someone with truly exotic features. this goat is beautiful and totally out of this world.

  26. 1. Cold hooves, warm heart. 
    2. “Why you always telling me to go f*ck a goat?”
    3. “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the goat you’re with.”

  27. I do not find the fact that the ears seem to have been crudely modified and cut off to add to any sort of  beauty and in fact I find it barbaric.  Its the ugliness of man that is shown in this poor creature.

  28. “Exotic”? Look, I could get used to the oviraptor nose, if it weren’t for the undershot jaw. How can she eat? Goats like to stick their noses into things–she could just about bruise hers. I’m sorry, but aesthetics aside, I think this is a pretty serious design flaw.

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