Excited dog won't stop following a runner who keeps telling him to go home

"Go home. Go home," says marathoner and running vlogger Kofuzi, trying to shake off an unfamiliar farm dog who wants to join in on his daily run in Dyersville, Iowa. "Go, go on! I'm going to be on a busy road later, you can't go. Come on." He continues to argue with the dog, but his conversation falls flat as the frisky pup keeps following him. He says his new running buddy kept up with him for 2 1/2 miles out of his 11.46-mile run, and after all his efforts trying to ditch the dog, admits that he was a little sad once the dog stopped following him. Read the rest

Opossums enjoy banana

This footage was not recorded in a Costco, is not of a furious unmasked meathead berating and threatening other shoppers, is not the subject of an investigation or likely to lead to disciplinary action and/or charges, but it does feature oppossums chomping on bananas. Read the rest

Owner discovers her snake gave birth to a two-headed baby

Emily Roberts and her husband Ed from Snake Discovery always have well-shot and informative snake videos, like the most recent one of their garter snake giving birth, including a two-headed live birth. Read the rest

Officials honor hero cat who saved an old man trapped in a canal

Koko, a cat living in the Japanese city of Toyoma, was honored by local officials after alerting rescuers to an elderly man who had fallen supine into an irrigation canal. Via Japan Times:

On June 16, a 77-year-old woman taking a walk around 7:30 p.m. found Koko, a female cat who belongs to a neighbor, staring into the canal and acting strangely. When she followed the catโ€™s gaze, she discovered a man lying on his back in a 60-centimeter-wide and 40-cm-deep canal. The water was about 15 cm deep.

It took five people to pull the man out. FNN covered the award ceremony:

Domo arigato, Koko-chan!

Image: YouTube / FNN Prime Online Read the rest

How to pick up a cat

In this video, the Helpful Vancouver Vet explains how best to pick up cats: "Dr. Burstyn and his feline friends demonstrate how to pick up a cat in a way that is comfortable for the cat and safe for you. A must watch for anyone with a feline in the family."

If you're trying to hold the cat down, squish that cat. All you need to know about cat restraint is to squish that cat

I wonder, does this work for rabid mustelids? Asking for myself.

How to deactivate a cat

Read the rest

Dog is trying to have a conversation here

As promised by the video title, this pooch just loves to chat.

UPDATE: The conversation is over, sadly. The video was removed. Read the rest

Man alarmed by bird

In this footage, a workman traipses into a dark entryway only to be startled by a harmless bird. His epithets are not work-safe; the bird knew exactly what it was doing. Read the rest

Dog enjoys puddle

I can assure you without any equivocation or qualification that this dog is not a duck. It was posted to Twitter by Grumpy Scotsman: "Not gonna lie, I spent 10 minutes trying to think of a good relatable sentence to go with it, and decided it wasnโ€™t needed." Read the rest

Deers relaxing in Nara

Kazuki Ikeda shot this video of deers relaxing in a park in Nara, Japan, a city famed for its park full of relaxing deers. [Previously] Read the rest

Golf announcer's dogs go for a walk

Andrew Cotter, who has found lockdown fame narrating the mundane adventures of his two dogs Olive and Mabel as if they were golfers at the apex of a tense match, went for a walk.

"No point in shaking yet, you're still in the water." Read the rest

Mother robin wiggles on her nest full of eggs

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Read the rest

Video: real life coyote chases roadrunner

โ€œThere is literally a coyote chasing a roadrunner. I canโ€™t believe it. That is a straight-up cartoon,โ€ said Michael Thomas Bogan as he shot video of the incident in Arizona. Read the rest

Goat army roams East San Jose

200 goats escaped from an enclosure in East San Jose and quickly conquered its East Foothills neighborhood Tuesday evening, according to reports from the street. A local resident, Terry Roelands, told reporters that he regularly employs the goats to clear brush behind his house, but this time they broke free and descended upon the city.

"When I got back from the store all the goats had broken through the fence and were recking havoc on our street," wrote Zach Roelands on Twitter. "This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine."

Tag yourself; I'm the goat grabbing a quick snack 41s in. Read the rest

Cop plays recorded peacock mating call to lure escaped zoo animal

A smart-thinking Boston police officer played a recording of a peacock meeting call on his phone to coax an escaped peacock into a backyard where it was easily picked up by animal control.

From the Boston police department official website:

At about 6:00 AM on Monday, May 11, 2020, while on patrol in the area of the Franklin Park Zoo, District B-2 (Roxbury) officers were approached by a concerned citizen that an animal had escaped from the zoo. Additional officers arrived at the scene and were met by an extremely large, slightly intimidating, and quite beautiful, male peacock.

An officer on scene relied on his quick wit to track down a peacock mating call on his cell phone, successfully luring the bird into a fenced-in yard where he waited patiently for the arrival of Boston Animal Control.

Image: courtesy of the Boston Police Department Read the rest

Watch this sleepy mama bear and cub nap in this guy's backyard

That is one very large furry baby. Read the rest

'Otter Destruction,' funny little real life doodle

This is good. Read the rest

Dog does not want bath

Phil the enormous malamute hasn't taken a bath in months, is increasingly in need of a bath, and has no intention whatsoever of having a bath.

SPOILER: Ultimately, Phil is bathed. Phil's vengeance begins at exactly 14:00. Read the rest

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