Great white sharks viewed from upside down look like sinister grinning demons

From u/OrwellianOverseer via r/interestingasfuck -- the underside of great white sharks look demonic.

Upside down great white sharks from r/interestingasfuck

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Man tests "no-spray" skunk trap, gets sprayed

Shawn Woods was testing out a no-spray skunk trap, but things didn't go as planned, and he got squirted with eau de moufette. Read the rest

Snail amuses itself with a carrot

It's hard to believe that snails like to play, but that's what this one looks like it's doing with a baby carrot in this time-lapse video.

From YouTube description:

I have two nerite snails named Randolph and Mortimer (yes, after the Dukes in Trading Places). They are sisters who have lived with me for over a year. Up until this point, I had offered them a few types of food that they were not interested in, but one day I offered this baby carrot to them and shortly after, found Randolph doing what you see in this video. I left the carrot in for about a week, during which time Randolph and Mortimer ate the whole thing. In this video, I don't think she's eating it, but simply playing. I have other videos of her eating where you can clearly see her moving her head and engaged in the activity of eating. This is just her having fun.

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Insect behavior claymation video series thanks Boing Boing

I'm glad Maxwell Helmberger's YouTube channel nearly quadrupled its subscribership over the weekend after I posted one of his videos on Friday. He made a new video thanking Boing Boing (you're welcome, Maxewell!) along with some hints as to what bug he'll make a video about next. Read the rest

When a small dog gets stuck in 80" of snow, his big buddy clears a path for him

After a winter dump that left an area of Durango, Colorado with 80" of snow, one small dog got stuck. No matter what he did (including high jumps) he couldn't move forward. But that's what buddies are for. His bigger canine friend clears a trail for him, leading him back to his human. Read the rest

Clever cat listens to instructions and unlocks a door so its owner can get back into the house

After Twitter user @gabbytropea is accidentally locked out of her house, her cat gets to work by removing a sliding door stick so that she can open the door. Yay for smart cats.

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Wild pig on a beach charges an Instagram model and bites her on the bum

"Fitness influencer" Michelle Lewin was romping around on Pig Beach in the Bahamas when a large wild pig couldn't help itself. It saw her butt cheek and bit it.

Lewin posted the video — which includes a closeup of the bright red bite marks — to her Instagram with a good sense of humor.

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A post shared by Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin) on Feb 11, 2019 at 12:50pm PST

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Ring a bell, get a treat: an experiment with a baby and a Shiba Inu

Baby Abram and Haru, his Shiba Inu sidekick, both want a piece of cheese. But in order to get it, they must first ring the bell. Can they learn this trick? The answer isn't too surprising, but what does surprise me is how polite the dog is to the baby, and how helpful the baby tries to be to the dog. Read the rest

What it's like to work at a Japanese snow monkey park

Here's a guy who went to a monkey park in Takasaki-yama in Japan and donned a monkey park worker uniform for a day to see what it was like. One reason Japan has monkey parks is to get them used to eating food there so they don't invade nearby farms. The monkeys didn't really like having a stranger tend to them, and they made their displeasure known by chattering. They settle down pretty quickly, though. My favorite part was when an experienced worker ran through the park with a cart loaded with sweet potatoes. The monkeys chased after him and picked up the sweet potatoes as the fell off the cart.

I went to a monkey park near Kyoto with my family in 2010. Here's a video:

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Excited to see the vet, a dog high-jumps 45 times in a row

I don't know what this veterinary hospital at Colorado State University does to incite such glee, but this dog, Endo, is jumping really high with excitement. Like above-the-counter high, causing the receptionist to break out in laughter. And the dog doesn't quit, with 45 good jumps in a row.

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Cockatiel sings "Another One Bites the Dust"

I'm surprised the record company hasn't filed a takedown notice and confiscated the bird for being an illegal recording of "Another One Bites the Dust."

Another one bites the dust

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Watch: Here's what emus look like when they are first hatching

These baby aliens, er, emus are hatching at the same time – a "simultaneous breakout," as the person behind the camera calls it. I only wish she would have kept the camera rolling until these babies made their full appearance.

Here are what the emus look like after three days. Same batch, but different emus that hatched two days later:

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A psychotic rogue Japanese otter mascot concerns city officials

Susaki is a city in Japan. They have a cute otter named Shinjokun with nearly 500k Twitter followers, and who serves as an honorary tourism ambassador. But then someone created a Twitter account for Chiitan, a mascot based on the otter, and started posting short videos of the otter misbehaving -- tipping over a car, burgling a house, recklessly swinging a weed whacker in the air. Chiitan now has over twice as many followers as Shinjokun, and some people think Chiitan is a sanctioned mascot. They complained to Susaki officials, who, for some reason, decided the way to quell the controversy was to fire Shinjokun. That seems to have been a mistake. From the New York Times:

After receiving more than 100 calls from around Japan about Chiitan’s behavior, the city declined last week to renew the real otter’s honorary tourism ambassador contract. But posts about Chiitan being “fired” (the mascot and the real otter have the same name) have since gone viral on social media, incorrectly implying that the city had officially sanctioned the rogue mascot’s cheeky antics.


[Takashi Moritoki, a Susaki city official] said Susaki officials had initially turned a “blind eye” to Chiitan because they hoped the rogue mascot would help improve the city’s image. But the city is now consulting a lawyer, he said, because it worries that Charando, the design company — which still owns a copyright for Chiitan — is earning money from its viral antics that might otherwise have gone to city coffers.

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A cow escaped from a rodeo 6 months ago and no one can catch her

Last summer a 3-year-old cow named Betsy (not the one in the photo; that's a stock image I used because our content management system doesn't allow us to post something without an image) somehow escaped from a rodeo in Alaska and went to a 4,000-acre park on the outskirts of Anchorage. She's been spotted many times in the park by hikers and bicyclists, but so far no one has been able to capture her.

“I’m just totally exhausted from looking day in and day out,” Frank Koloski, Betsy’s owner, told The Washington Post on Tuesday night. “She’s a go-getter, that’s for sure.”


Koloski has a plan in place: If he can just figure out where Betsy is hiding, he’ll bring several other cows to that location. Betsy will immediately rush toward the other cattle, he predicts, and a number of his rodeo acquaintances have already volunteered to help him rope her. Until he knows exactly where she’s located, though, he’s not eager to let the other cows loose in the dense, dark woods.

In the meantime, Betsy appears to be doing just fine. Alaska cattle are tough and accustomed to the area’s harsh winters, Koloski said. Since the park is within city limits, he doesn’t think there’s too much of a risk of her running into a bear or a wolf. There are still plenty of natural sources of water that haven’t frozen over, and he’s left out hay bales and mineral salt blocks nearby. During the summer, Betsy would have found plenty of fresh grass on the slopes of the ski area to feast on, he said.

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Watch train workers rescue a mountain goat completely buried in snow

Austrian train workers were clearing tracks that go through the Gesaeuse national park when they noticed a mountain goat that wouldn't move from the sidelines of their path, even after honking the train. They then saw a snowdrift completely bury the creature. So the workers stopped all operations, grabbed some shovels, and got to work. Yay for good deeds.

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Watch: bear visits a home and rings the doorbell

This black bear in Florida thought he'd pay a social visit to a family over the holidays. After lumbering onto the porch and knocking over some decorations for fun, he rang the doorbell. But the family was not amused. They got on the intercom and firmly repeated, "Bear, go away!" The unwanted guest finally got the message and went on his merry way. Read the rest

Man intentionally lets himself get stung by incredibly painful Executioner Wasp

This guy likes to make ants bite him and wasps sting him so he can post his reactions on YouTube. In his latest video, he makes a Costa Rican Executioner Wasp sting him on his forearm. It's hard to know for sure how much he is hamming it up for the camera, but he makes quite a show of the pain. He says it hurt as much as the Tarantula Hawk's sting and the Bullet Ant's bite.

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