These cats have a helluva time figuring out how to pass each other on narrow ledge

Two cats facing each other on a narrow ledge want to pass each other, but it isn't easy.

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This hog ain't no pig – watch how he tidies up the room

Paul is a VERY good pig. Watch as, at his owner's behest, he cleans the heck out of his belongings, putting them back in his toy box, where they belong. I'd give so much if I could teach my dog to do this. Read the rest

Very cute hedgehogs announce NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest

Hedgehogs dream of musical glory in these charming announcements for NPR's annual Tiny Desk Concert competition. Read the rest

Photographer positions horses to look like landscapes

This may look like grasslands, but it's a horse carefully positioned and beautifully photographed by Lee Diegaard, part of her Equuleus series. Below: Copper Valley. Read the rest

Dog has been stopped too many times by hard air to accept treat from owner

This dog has bumped his snout into the sliding glass door enough times to know that taking a treat offered by its human companion could have painful consequences.

Good Boye Ran Into Glass Door Too Many Times from r/aww
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The century-long fight over how turtles evolved to have shells

Turtles were at the center of a hundred-year evolutionary controversy since the 1887 discovery of a Proganochelys fossil in Germany. AS PBS Eons explains, the question of how turtles got their shells led scientists "to rethink the entire history of reptile evolution." Read the rest

Round birds

Finnish photographer Ossi Saarinen has gotten quite adept at taking photos of birds facing directly to camera, making each bird look adorably round, like the cute shot above. Read the rest

Meet the Giant Anteater

It has no teeth, a 2-foot long tongue, and a stick-like head. The giant anteater has lived on earth for 25 million years. But because of overhunting, its existence is being threatened.

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This animation shows a dog's six different kinds of gaits

This animated gif shows how a dog walks, ambles, paces, trots, canters, and gallups. This is how robots will get around, too. Read the rest

The human-like lips on this fish are disconcerting

This cichlid, pulled from Lake Malawi, has lips that resemble those found on some humans.

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Baby elephant wants man to stop talking and start playing

A man has an important message about elephant poaching but this baby elephant won't let him deliver it because it's playtime.

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Video about the rare black beauty stick insect

This striking insect was discovered in Peru in 2005. It has gold eyes, a black body, and tiny red wings. It also has a gland behind its head that sprays a stinky substance when threatened. They have become popular as pets.

From Great Big Story:

This is the black beauty stick insect, a rare species only found in a tiny 12-acre area high in the mountains of northern Peru. Only discovered in 2005, not much is known about these insects, but they are believed to be most active at night when their deep black coloration keeps them hidden from predators. They are also armed with a gland at the rear of their heads which, when threatened, can spray a corrosive, strong-smelling substance. Because their natural habitat is so small, their survival is precarious—thankfully, captive breeding efforts may bring these insects back from the brink.

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Learn about the Hercules beetle in this short video

Without a doubt one of the coolest looking insects around, the Hercules beetle is now a threatened species as a result of deforestation. Great Big Story's 80-second video has beautiful footage of this majestic animal.

Reaching up to 17 cm in length, the Hercules beetle is one of the largest insects in the world. They’re commonly identified by the characteristic horn-like pincers found on male beetles. Just like its heroic namesake, these little guys are strong. They can lift and carry up to 850 times their own weight. Despite their formidable strength, deforestation and loss of habitat has left the species threatened in the wild.

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Young dog has a hard time convincing a sleeping pig to play with it

It takes a lot of barking, jumping, and prodding to awaken this sleeping hog, and when the dog finally succeeds, it seems to wonder if it was a good idea.

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Monkey flips out after being flipped off

Just because domesticated primates have taken over the planet doesn't mean they can be rude to wild members of their order without suffering consequences, as this aggrieved monkey demonstrates.

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This dog is eager to get on the doggie school bus

They must have a good time at doggie school, judging from this excited dog's reaction to the doggie school bus pulling up to his house. Read the rest

Ancient trilobites had eyes made of crystals

Fun fact: trilobites were able to see thanks to eyes made of calcite instead of soft tissue. YouTuber Thunderf00t shows off a cool fossil and explains the phenomenon. Read the rest

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