Stray cat leads convenience store customer to pet food shelves

Stray cats follows you into the store and guides you to his fav cat food from r/funny

Lacking money and hands, this cat was waiting for someone with both to come along and offer assistance. I hope this little gal or feller gets adopted soon. Read the rest

These tiny bugs might be the world's fastest jumpers and spinners

Dr. Adrian Smith of the Ant Lab YouTube channel recently found some little bugs on the lid of his trash can. They are called globular springtails, and as their name suggests, they use a spring-loaded tail to jump away from danger. Dr. Smith took some of the mysterious creatures into his lab to film their jumps in slow motion.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Fox power on self-test

The second beep indicates a problem with the video card — make sure it's seated properly, then reboop the system. Read the rest

Dog enjoys leaping into large pile of leaves

Behold Stella, exemplifying the canine propensity to barrel headlong into piles of leaves.

I’ll just leaf this right here... Stella’s BEST LEAF JUMPS OF ALL TIME!

Read the rest

Horse blows bubbles

In this charming video, a hoss enjoys dipping its head beneath the surface of a pond and blowing bubbles like a kid with a milkshake.

If you would like to enjoy another clip like this, turn to page G5P_oZFjrb. If you would like this clip ruined for you, turn to page lHytjEj7B9g. Read the rest

Raccoon enjoys snack

I picture this blonde raccoon with a languid, slightly inebriated voice demanding — and promptly receiving — more cherries. Read the rest

Video of chatty dog perfectly synced to audio of a chainsaw

I will be spending my entire day on the Talking Animals YouTube collection. Read the rest

How to set up a pheromone bucket trap

Interested in learning how to set up a pheromone bucket trap to capture some western bean cutworms? This video produced by the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program should help!

Image: Yankech gary/Flickr, CC-BY 2.0 Read the rest

Video about the amazing beetles that shoot blinding acid from their butt

Oogpister beetles are able to shoot formic acid into the eyes and mouth of would-be predators. In this BBC video you can see an oogpister teach a mongoose a painful lesson.

We also meet a defenseless lizard that has developed the same marking pattern on the oogpister beetle's shell in order to trick predators into thinking that it, too, can shoot acid from its rear end. So fearsome is the oogpister's reputation, that the lizard even imitates the way the oogpister runs.

The video also features a stick insect that "fires bitter tasting oils," and ants that "fire the sort of acid that gives nettles their sting."

It concludes with the biggest badass chemical weapon bug of them all: the fearsome bombardier beetle. "It can create a chemical reaction within its body so violent that boiling caustic liquid explodes out of its abdomen." It pulses the jet of acid 500 times a second to keep "its rear end just cool enough to prevent it from being cooked." Read the rest

Otters combed

Here two otters, Kotaro or Hana, enjoy a nice combing courtesy of their human. Read the rest

Here's some high-quality otter footage from the BBC

"Cute otters," promises Britain's public broadcaster, "Intimately filmed by spy cameras." Read the rest

Cat happily sits in fake lap

Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise... from r/aww

One of my cats follows me around waiting for me to sit so he can fall asleep in my lap. I should make one of these to keep him happy while I'm standing.

Image: Reddit

[via Laughing Squid] Read the rest

Baby colobus monkey is adorable

'Colobus monkeys live in families with several females sharing in the care of newborns, a behavior called allomothering'

Man finds "puppies" in a box on his lawn. They were bear cubs

"It's not uncommon to find black bears in the county. But to find bear cubs in a cardboard box in your property, wrapped up in sweatshirts to keep them warm, yeah, that's pretty strange." That's what North Carolina Sheriff Kevin Jones told CNN after his office got a call about a box of "puppies" from a man who discovered them on his front lawn last month.

From the article:

The North Carolina sheriff's office explained that they had responded to a man's call last month, who told them that someone left the puppies outside his house. The man explained he was gone for just a short amount time and the animals were there when he returned, the sheriff's office said.

Sheriff Jones said the person who dropped off the cubs probably stumbled across them, put them in a box and simply left them at the man's house when they realized they couldn't keep them.

The cubs were taken by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, and will be released back into the wild when they are older.

Image: Camden County Sheriff's Office Read the rest

Watch these joyful dogs run up a tree and leap off it

Two dogs in the country have the time of their lives running up a tree and leaping from it. Read the rest

Watch: Playful coyote excited to pal around with a badger

Coyotes in my neighborhood usually kill unsupervised smaller animals like cats and dogs (or in my case, chickens), so it's fascinating to see this frisky coyote buddy up with a badger. It looks genuinely excited as it waits for its friend to catch up so that they could trot through a pipe together.

Apparently badgers and coyotes have been known to hunt together. From Peninsula Open Space Trust on YouTube:

We know from scientific studies and Native American records that coyotes and badgers have been known to hunt together. But this is the first documentation (that we know of) where a coyote and badger use a human-made structure to travel together safely.

This video was captured recently as part of our research to better understand how wildlife moves across the southern Santa Cruz Mountains. We have more than 50-remote sensor cameras helping us capture scenes like this which we use to inform our land conservation work.

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Watch: A pet goat enjoys morning pastries before riding away on a motorcycle

This goat knows the routine as it excitedly jumps on the man for its morning pastries. It then jumps on the back of the man's motorcycle and embraces him as it reaches for more of the sweet stuff. Proof that goodness still exists in the world. Read the rest

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