Brain Rot: The Future In Suburban Law Enforcement?



    1. I think it’s pretty well established that Richie Rich is the 1%.  Heck, even his butlers are probably the 1%.

        1. Oh, I see, I didn’t make the connection. I identify OWS more with dirty ol’ Dennis the Menace, not combat knives and open crotches.

          Plus Richie looks like maybe he’s trying to fit in with his low-income friends by not wearing shoes.

  1. In the real-life version, the kids get blown up too.
    I’m sorry, I said ‘kids get blown up’… I meant ‘collateral damage’.

    All in a days work for an autonomous drone!

    By suburb, did they mean Mega-City One?

  2. Why are the Beagle Boys in this strip? They are pretty much exclusively after McDuck’s money and nothing else.

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