Competitive Sobriety Tests and Automotive Hot Wiring Classes Amongst Offerings at Machine Project's Benefit


Echo Park's much loved Machine Project offers art, classes and civilized mayhem from Experimental Millinery and Bookbinding to Flame Effects (read: giant fireballs) and Sewing 101.


Annually, a month's worth of epic programming is compressed into a single night's party.

At this year's benefit, DMV: After Dark, you will experience such phenomena as: car horn fanfare; competitive sobriety tests; workshops on breaking into and hot-wiring cars, as well as how to escape from a locked trunk, heavy metal polka, surrealistic eye charts, “secret pancakes," and a human vending machine which dispenses delicious food prepared by Donna Coppola of Auntie Em’s Kitchen fame.

The situation will be helped along with a giant bonfire, s'mores and Machine Project beer.

Machine Project Benefit, Los Angeles: Human Vending, Hot Wiring Cars, Competitive Sobriety Tests  


  1. Well… I got several emails from them about this. I am currently in NY so couldn’t go. But each time I got an email from them, I couldn’t quite decide what the point was. I mean I had this strange urge to go to it, but…

    I understand they were going for some kind of Kafka-esque experience based on the DMV experience, but how is that supposed to work to attract people to come to your event? The DMV is something you avoid like the plague, not something you pay money to go to :)

    I realize the main focus was on all the things listed, hotwiring workshops etc. – and I assume primarily it was just a raging party – I think maybe they should have focused more on that stuff in the run-up to the event.

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