NYPD raze the #OWS library, throw out over 5,000 books

Some collateral damage in the police raid on Occupy Wall Street: over 5,000 books comprising the #OWS library have been thrown in the trash. I visited the library yesterday and interviewed one of the volunteer librarians who slept in the book-filled tent at night and helped patrons find reading material and conducted information literacy work during the day.

The Occupy Wall Street librarians tweeted the eviction all night: “NYPD destroying american cultural history, they’re destroying the documents, the books, the artwork of an event in our nation’s history … Right now, the NYPD are throwing over 5,000 books from our library into a dumpster. Will they burn them? … Call 311 or 212-639-9675 now and ask why Mayor Bloomberg is throwing the 5,554 books from our library into a dumpster.”

Occupy Wall Street Library Evicted

Notable Replies

  1. RatMan says:

    @falcor Time machine is out of control again

  2. @falcor, time leak!

    This one was confusingly plausible.

  3. While it might be a time leak, wow, I can't believe it's been five years, first off, and secondly, is anyone else pining for those halcyon days when we didn't have a fascist about to take power in the White House?

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