SOPA dead until 2012 for real this time?

Tomorrow's special session of the House Judiciary Committee to finish markup on the Stop Online Piracy act have been summarily cancelled. Either they saw the mounting opposition and freaked out and decided to negotiate; or they saw the opposition and figured that they could wait it out; or something else altogether. (Thanks, Adam!)


  1. tiny paranoid alarm bells are going off in my head, warning that somehow this is a tactic to somehow get the law passed without scrutiny while everyone is on vacation

  2. “Gosh, the active evil we are doing seems to have attracted notice.  Better just pretend we don’t know what they’re talking about.  Doo di doo.  Table THAT for a few months…”

  3. I’m starting to suspect some sort of money-scamming kabuki here, where the “legislators” are colluding with the lobbyists to squeeze more and more out of the RIAA and MPAA.

    Could I be right? Is SOPA in reality a Spanish Prisoner / Nigerian 419 scam?

  4. Or, the House GOP has found it has bigger fish to fry in these waning hours, due to the uproar they created by forcing a tax hike on working people.  Sabotaging our economy in time for the 2012 elections and propagandizing that it’s not their fault takes _lots_ of man-hours…

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