RAW Week: The Cosmic Trigger Effect, by Antero Alli


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  1. cleek says:

    thanks for the NSFW picture! awesome.

    • coryf says:

       Exactly, a little warning, and a courtesy cover for those of us fortunate to have a job, but unfortunate to have it in an environment that makes certain things unacceptable.

      • mainelyreading says:

        Agreed!   Could this post be edited with coryf’s suggestions, please?  I got lucky with a snow day today, but I would like to be able to check back tomorrow during breaks and I can’t do that with this picture in full view.


    • Chris says:

      If you’re browing at work perhaps you should just toggle off images instead of hoping every site caters to your workplaces policies?

  2. DoubleTee says:

    Also of note is that “Cosmic Trigger”  was the first place I read about Timewave Zero (called “McKenna Theory” in the index) and the McKenna brothers.

  3. Caspian Roach says:


  4. pjk says:

    Sort of off topic here, but ever wonder why it’s OK to just randomly place a naked woman on the cover of a book, but NOT a naked man? My theory is that floppy dicks look hilarious, and the patriarchy doesn’t want everyone laughing at their junk.

    • jere7my says:

      Weighty tomes have been written about this question, but here are a few reasons:

      1) First off, you can’t say, as a rule, “Patriarchies don’t like dick.” The Renaissance puts the lie to that.

      2) Men have external genitalia. You don’t generally see labia on book covers, either. It’s easier to show a naked woman from the front without showing genitals than it is a man. There are plenty of book covers showing ripped men in loincloths, and I’ve seen male butts on books of similar vintage to this one. Here’s one: http://www.goodshowsir.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/huntersredmoon.jpg And here’s a random (SFW) nearly-naked dude from the 60s: http://www.goodshowsir.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/the_alien_gss.jpg

      3) “The male body is ugly; the female body is beautiful” is the dominant meme in America today. Not only do straight men think it’s “gay” to see naked men, a lot of straight women have no desire to see depictions of male nudity. People write angry letters when they think they see a penis on something. (I’m personally of the opinion that people being comfortable with the male body is good for everybody, and I’m glad to see signs that this meme is shifting.)

      4) Related to #3, Cosmic Trigger came out at a time when people still thought SF had a mostly-male audience. Straight males, especially pre-internet straight males, buy things with naked women on them.

      5) Every time someone in SF says to a publisher “We need more cock,” they misunderstand and release a new Elric collection. (Same goes for dick.)

      • Ultan says:

        Good post. But I don’t know where the recent idea comes from that most SF readers aren’t men.  Not counting the paranormal/vampire/magic/fantasy stuff that often gets lumped in with SF, I’d guess the proportion of female SF readers is similar to the proportion of female Wikipedia editors. OTOH the proportion of women SF editors (and book editors in general) is very high,  they are the real customers for any professional author, and they must be catered to by any writer who wants to sell a book. Anyway, it’s beside the point because “Cosmic Trigger” isn’t SF – it isn’t fiction. Its audience likely has demographics (and readers!) as wildly unpredictable as its contents.

        Also, RAW’s “Ishtar Rising /The Book of the Breast” has much in the same vein as your post, critically analyzing the weird hangups people have about female bodies and nudity, contrasted with the rich history of goddesses and their symbology.

      • pjk says:

        Wow, that was a comprehensive and interesting answer to a rather flippant question. Thanks!

      • J Jystad says:

        re: #5 – Bwahahahahahahahahahhahaahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        That is the best SF&F fan inside joke I have heard in ages. Thanks! :)

    • Ito Kagehisa says:

      Because naked, busty women are easier to draw well.  Seriously!  Try drawing a realistically proportioned but small-breasted woman, or a man, and see if it isn’t harder than drawing a totally conventional pinup doll.

  5. joio says:

    What did Robert’s body look like? Only that of the muse was described.

  6. Ito Kagehisa says:

    And I confess freely not to have met among so many men whom I have known and worked with, a man in whom there was a mind more fired with great and magnificent things. Nor does one grieve with the friends of another of his death, except for his having been born to die young unhonored within his own home, without having been able to benefit anyone with that mind of his, for one would know that no one could speak of him, except (to say) that a good friend had died. It does not remain for us, however, or for anyone else who, like us, knew him, to be able because of this to keep the faith (since deeds do not seem to) to his laudable qualities. It is true however, that fortune was not so unfriendly to him that it did not leave some brief memory of the dexterity of his genius, as was demonstrated by some of his writings and compositions of amorous verses, in which (as he was not in love) he (employed as an) exercise in order not to use his time uselessly in his juvenile years, in order that fortune might lead him to higher thoughts. Here, it can be clearly comprehended, that if his objective was exercise, how very happily he described his ideas, and how much he was honored in his poetry. Fortune, however, having deprived us of the use of so great a friend, it appears to me it is not possible to find any other better remedy than for us to seek to benefit from his memory, and recover from it any matter that was either keenly observed or wisely discussed.

    (plagiarized from Nicky Machiavelli)

  7. MrEricSir says:

    Every week should be RAW week at BoingBoing.

  8. Ladyfingers says:

    Nice to see a woman drawn with pubes. Gone are the days.

  9. Ron says:

    Amazing. That woman-with-dislocated-spine thing isn’t so new after all. 

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