RAW Week: The Gnosis magazine interview


3 Responses to “RAW Week: The Gnosis magazine interview”

  1. A. Andrew says:

    I miss Gnosis. The articles profoundly influenced my thoughts at a crucial time of my creative development. My early work graced the cover of #49 The New Age.
    Wow, it seems like ages ago…
    Thanks Jay!

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      Your work is amazing, Andrew. I would love to run a few pieces on Boing Boing along with an interview with you.

  2. Eileen Schuh says:

    Perhaps you’d like to do a review of my novella, Schrödinger’s Cat? Released in August 2011 by WolfSinger Publications in eBook and print.  Maybe I’ll score better with you than RAW did with his trilogy…or not.

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