RAW Week: My Strange Evening with Robert Anton Wilson, By Lewis Shiner


4 Responses to “RAW Week: My Strange Evening with Robert Anton Wilson, By Lewis Shiner”

  1. mwiik says:

    Well, right off the bat RAW says “I’m always trying new things to supplement my income.” Was he lifting a fork-full of steak or lobster at the time?

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Shiner. I understand being left on the hook for a dinner check that I really couldn’t afford, but remembering how RAW ended his days in poverty, I wish that I’d had a chance to buy him some steak and lobster myself (at least, during one of the times when I could afford it).

    • Ruby Tombstone says:

      Jack – I was lucky enough to be able to help him out a little at the end. His family & friends auctioned his stuff off on eBay, so I now have a “blessed by RAW” tarot card, a couple of old articles and a coffee stained shirt showing GWBush as the devil. I would like to think he got steak and lobster, but suspect it all went on medical bills :(

  3. rickshannon says:

    I WAS on a limited budget, but still consider it money well spent.

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