RAW Week: Pope Bob Remembrance, by Rev. Ivan Stang


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  1. Frank W says:

    Praise Saint Bob! Oh, and praise “Bob”, for good measure.

  2. pahool says:

    Robert Anton Wilson and the Church of the Subgenius have been a life support system for me since my teens. I may not have made it to (or through) my twenties without both of them. Praise Bob and “Bob”! And praise Rev. Stang!

  3. Gary Singh says:

    Still disappointed that I never got a chance to meet him, even though he was just down the freeway a bit. I did, however, recently purchase a replacement copy of Cosmic Trigger from Amazon and the total came out to $6.66. I have since forwarded the image all over the world, as Bob might have wanted.

    • Jay Kinney says:

      Funny. When I bought a used copy of Cosmic Trigger many years ago, the price after tax also came to $6.66. Or at least that’s my memory of the event.

  4. Holy moley! What a week it’s been. I’m so grateful for Rev. Stang’s work, and for this piece. Talk about collision of the galaxies… 

    We need RAW and “Bob” more than ever – the perfect counter-measure to the clown-car of Republican candidates, and every other clueless pol working to increase the state of entropy in human society.

  5. Cudgel Clever says:

    He will be missed. Already is.

  6. As the one true and original Pope let me state that RAW is the one true and original Pope, and I’m sure that Ivan Stang, as the one true and original Pope, will agree with me.

  7. JIMWICh says:

    Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii Eeyii

  8. Ender Wiggin says:

    Hail Eris, Eternal Discordia!

  9. Senor Schaffer says:

    ITT: A bunch of pinks. 

  10. dok zirroneous says:

    Were it not for the late Pope Bob, and later the Rev. Stang, I may never have made heads or tails of a very confusing and signifying incident in my early teens, wherein I was drugged and kidnapped by J.R. “Bob” Dobbs himself, to be transdermally i.d. tagged for future use as human currency in the great war against the conspiracy of normalcy. I would have likely catalogued the event as some kind of alien abduction phenomenon, or even worse, kept the experience repressed and gone on to buy a minivan. Praise Stang and Praise Bob and Praise “Bob”!!!

    dok z

  11. Victor Abad says:

    discordian poem machine by oddcity.
    (push F5 for a new one)


  12. Genre Slur says:


  13. Pat Bruns says:

    Bob gave me Bucky Fuller, (real, not bullshit business) synchronicity,Sufism, Tim Leary,John Lilly, quantum mechanics, neuropolitics, and a coping mechanism that just won’t quit.

    Shortly before he left, Bob posted ” I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread. ” 

    I think that Kurt Vonnegut and Bob are up in heaven now.

  14. Chuck says:

    Regarding the mischief on alt.slack — I kind of perceived “The Mgt/Mgmt/Management” as more than one person, partly because I’d made a few “The Management” posts myself in either alt.slack, alt.discordia, or some other forums after I’d gone elsewhere.  For me, the game with “The Mgt” seemed like a good exercise in figuring out how easy it is to make unreasonable rules. I find it very amusing that RAW was involved.

  15. Cowicide says:

    Can we please extend this to RAW Month?  A week is too short.

  16. Michael Collins says:

    Praise Bob.

  17. TheOmbudsman says:

    I and some friends were the numbskulls behind PhenomiCon in Atlanta back in 91/92. For our first con, we all knew we had to get RAW to attend, and no thanks to some hurdles placed in our path by an unsavory character who ran another much larger con in town, we got in touch with RAW and he and his wife came out for what has to be one of, if not the, most surreal weekends of my life. I still remember him going on about pineal glands at one point.

    I do feel the need to point out that the video linked in the article above, with the Swingin’ Love Corpses, was shot at our 1992 con – RAW was our GoH at the 1991 con (Stang was at both).

    Rev. Stang, good bumping into you (with Suzie the Floozie) in that elevator at DragonCon a couple of years back!

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