RAW Week: Wilson and I, by Richard Metzger


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  1. hypersomniac says:

    A very humanizing portrait.

  2. vikingbrian says:

    I’m loving these remembrances of Wilson, it’s bringing back so much of him that I’d forgotten. 

    Here’s a recollection of my all-too-short interaction with him where I badgered him about the Sirius workings as well. :)


  3. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Very touching, Richard. Salut!

  4. Cowicide says:

    Richard, thank you so much for this extensive, wonderful post.

  5. Nick Hodulik says:

    Great post, Richard. Touching and funny. My only interaction with RAW was during DisinfoCon when he somehow got my mobile number and kept calling me from a payphone and yelling that he couldn’t find the Hammerstein. I helped the man find his way in and get up on stage with you. Awesome. :)

  6. iburl says:

    It makes me really happy to know that so many other people feel the same way about RAW as I do. Thanks Richard M. and Boing Boing for RAW week.

  7. Thad Boyd says:

    My recollection is that Cosmic Trigger 3 made a few dry comments to the effect that his reality tunnel had changed since Cosmic Trigger 1 (something like “First of all, I was doing a lot more LSD than I let on in that book, and second, I no longer actually believe I was being contacted by aliens around Sirius.”).

    I tended to approach his work as a skeptic who appreciated the questions it raised.  You don’t have to believe in leprechauns or Martians to consider the image of little green men that appears to cross different cultures and time periods and whether it’s some sort of Jungian archetype.

    On the other hand, yes actually it COULD all just be a coincidence, and it could very well be that we ascribe significance to unlikely coincidences simply because we’re not wired to understand that, in a universe this complex, some unlikely coincidences are bound to happen and look how many unlikely coincidences AREN’T happening at any given moment.

    Or, as another of my favorite deceased SF authors put it, this sort of thing is happening all the time and we are powerless to stop it.

  8. Brent Quigley says:

    Thanks Richard that was a touching read.  

    And thanks to Boing Boing for Robert Anton Wilson week.  

    I only wished I discovered RAW earlier in life.   In 2005 I was 26 and bored with life, and mired in my own chapel perilous.   But RAWs writing and videos seemed to be the prescription that could knock me out of my complacency.   His humor and erudition and personal philosophy were genuinely inspiring. 

    He instilled in me an intellectual curiousity that I never knew existed and brought about some significant and lasting brain change for which I’m very grateful.

    Thanks Bob and Hail Eris!

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