RAW Week Bonus: RAWing in the Rain, by Maja D'aoust


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  1. Godfree says:

    Let’s just make a “Sh*t RAW Says” video and get it over with.

  2. dagfooyo says:

    Have I lost sense of time, or has RAW week been going on for at least two?  Maybe it should be RAW month instead :-)

  3. Paul Bowen says:

    Dr Martins? Dear me, the name’s right there on the little tab!

  4. Batty McDougall says:

    Well written, Maja.
    Yeah, Cosmic Trigger kind of had the same effect on me as well.

  5. Wizard Garber says:

    It was about ’97 when I was living in Wallingford (and taking the 44) when I discovered Cosmic Trigger at Twice Sold Tales.  I was already into the Occult, and was hanging out with others interested in that ilk.  Cosmic Trigger led me to purchase and read virtually all of RAW’s other works.  Then in ’99 RAW came to town, or rather he came to Port Townsend for a UFO Conference.  So naturally I had to get on the ferry and go over there.  Afterwards, I got RAW to autograph my Principia Discordia and as I chatted with him the Seattle Weekly photographer took his portrait.  That photo appeared on the cover of the Sept. 30 1999 issue of the Seattle Weekly and I have it still.  You can’t see me but I’m standing next to RAW, just out of the frame.

  6. Gyrofrog says:

    Speaking of RAW, there’s one book I found once in a bookstore, didn’t buy, and then never could find it again.  Maybe one of y’all out there knows which one I’m talking about: this was about 8″ by 10″, more like magazine- or workbook-sized.  It wasn’t a novel, it was written like a manual.  I recall it had pictures of Bob (EDIT: i.e., Dobbs) throughout it (though this was definitely a RAW book, not one of the SubGenii books).  I want to say it was called “Illuminatus Companion” but that doesn’t turn up anything.  When I look on Amazon etc. I’m unable to find it (or I’m just missing it).

    Any ideas?

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