California's failed attempt at video-game censorship costs the state $2M


9 Responses to “California's failed attempt at video-game censorship costs the state $2M”

  1. danegeld says:

    Good job it got struck out; but $2M is in the financial noise floor for California.

  2. kthugha says:


    there’s something distressing to me in this article, though.  does not employ a copy editor or proof reader?  it’s hard for me to take an article seriously when there are so many mistakes in the language.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

      I’ve never considered it a news source.  I always thought it was kind of a site where anybody could just write whatever.  I usually that keep in mind when stories pop up from there.

  3. RedShirt77 says:

    2Million seems like it isn’t the most relevant number.  Isn’t that the payment to the challengers and a pretty small number for a state that size?  I would think their defense number might be similar in size and if they tried to implement this the money wasted on setting up those systems would far exceed 2Mill.

  4. RedShirt77 says:

    Ah, the AG office number is included.

    I am surprised it didn’t play a bigger role in the article that this was Mr violent movie,  trying to ban violent video games.  Republicans really lack a sense of Irony.

  5. eeePapa says:

    So age restricting violence violates a child’s first amendment rights, but age restricting sexual themes does not?

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