Georgia school goes lockdown after SMS is autocorrected from "gunna" to "gunman"

When a student from north Georgia's Lanier Technical College sent an SMS to a friend about his upcoming stop-in at West Hall high school, his phone helpfully corrected "gunna" to "gunman." The message's recipient alerted police, who put both the college and the high school in lockdown for two hours.

He meant to write "Gunna be at West hall this afternoon," but the autocorrect function on his phone changed the word "Gunna" to "Gunman."

The situation was further complicated when the texter accidentally sent the text to a wrong number.

The text, which now read "Gunman at West hall," was received by someone identified only as "a member of the West Hall community" by the Gainesville Times.

Smartphone's autocorrect function puts high school on lockdown