Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Kool Moe, Spoonie Gee, and the Treacherous 3

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  1. Oh Ed Piskor, next you should do a comic about BBSes and FidoNET, like that awesome BBS documentary but told as a story! I love your stuff dude. Wizzywig hooked me, and Hip Hop Family tree landed me. When this comes out in print I’m buying a bunch of them to give to other people. 

  2. When Peter Brown finds out you called him a “small time” record producer . . . .

    He’s also about a foot taller than depicted.

      1. Nope.  Same Peter Brown, he puts out “Spoonin Rap” in an upcoming episode (then unwittingly signs away the rights to that song years later), the guy who famously claimed to be “the first person to triple park in Harlem”, NOT the white Florida disco producer.  He’s in his 70’s now, still hustlin, still dressing like a pimp.

        “He ran many tiny NYC labels in the 70’s and early 80’s…” — exactly, that’s why he might take offense at “small time record producer”, though even I admit most of his labels were one-offs and today very hard to catalog. And that photo on his discogs page is Patrick Adams, not Peter Brown.

        1.  I’m definitely making a huge effort to keep the work as accurate as possible. I have 3 good sources using similar language when describing Peter Brown. At least in the context of 1978-79. If you’ve got some good references which talk about him differently, I’ll be sure to amend the semantics when the comic sees print.

          1. No no, I’m just making a wry comment on Peter Brown,  which is lost if you don’t know him personally.  What you depict is probably accurate.

  3. Excellent work, yet again.

    Just read your mtv interview.  I’ll wait for your book as long as it takes, damn it.

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