A Corgi gets vacuumed (Video)


This gives new meaning to "Dust Buster".


  1. Cute, but I would give the ears a little more clearance.  I have an American Eskimo shedding ATM, I wonder if she would sit still for a hand-vac if I had one…  Doubtful.

    1.  My akita’s blowing her coat out (must be Spring!), but she fears vacuum cleaners. So did my last doggy. In fact, all the dogs I’ve heard of hated vacuum cleaners. That’s one awesome corgi.

        1. As far as my dog goes, taking her on walks and giving her belly rubs, those are important bonding activities. Brushing her, not so much. :-) This is a dog that has a double coat, and you could spend hours at it. We both get bored.

  2. Does that type of  portable vacuum have a rug beater?  It looks like it might.  That might make for a rather different reaction from the dog if that baby grabbed an ear or something pink. 

  3. yeah it’s so cute and all, but having the poor dog tied… nowadays people uses something called “fences”, you know… (disclaimer: I have five dogs at home)

    1.  The dog is not tied to keep him in the yard, it’s to keep him from running away during the vacuuming.  I had to put two leads on rottie when it was bath time outside so he couldn’t keep backing away.

    1. My Jack Russel disagrees with you.

      So does my Lab/pitt mix.
      Let’s just settle on ‘dogs are awesome’ and leave the rest alone.

    2. Five years ago, I’d have said that black labs were the best dogs; now I’d say Boston Terriers are. To each their own…

      1. Awwww!!! That video is even more win than the doggy video above.

        Hmm… I do think there would be a marketing niche for low intensity and more silent vacuumes for pet vacuuming. Add some kind of brush or comb to it… hmm…

  4. I don’t know the dog of course, but his body language seems a bit anxious. The heavy panting and the start of a yawn at one point suggests discomfort. He puts up with it because he knows his owner isn’t going to hurt him, but the vacuum still makes him intensely uncomfortable.

    Better to just brush the dog the old-fashioned way, I think.

    1.  I don’t agree that he looks intensely uncomfortable.  I’ve vacuumed my dog from time to time (…everything in this thread sounds like innuendo) and he also does a little yawn and looks excited. The difference is, he comes running up to the vacuum cleaner to get it done so I know he’s not just putting up with it. I don’t do it to get his hairs, but when I’m done doing the floors I run the hand-held part over him because he likes it. I really don’t think this corgi is in any distress.

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