Dogs use Earth's magnetic fields to determine where to poop

A new study shares that dogs like to poop along magnetic north. Having frequently watched my dog scramble around looking for the perfect place to take a dump, I now understand.

Poop on, little Pretzel.


The study suggests that dogs are sensitive to small variations in Earth’s magnetic field. After examining 70 dogs — made up of 37 breeds — over two years, 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations, researchers found that under “calm magnetic field conditions,” dogs preferred to “excrete with the body being aligned along the north-south axis,” avoiding east-west altogether. Dogs were observed in a free-roaming environment, meaning they were not leashed and not influenced by walls or roads that would influence linear movement.

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Playlist for when you leave your dog at home alone

Spotify is now making regularly updated playlists and a podcast (I know, I know) for dogs whose owners must leave their beloved pets at home for extended hours, while they're at work and so on.

The idea is dogs can listen to the audio in their owners' absence and be comforted. Some 74% of UK pet-owners play music for their animals, Spotify UK said in the launch announcement today for the company's new pet-oriented audio offerings. Read the rest

Corgi sneaks up on a strawberry

He chonkin'. Read the rest

Volunteer "stick library" is a hit with neighborhood dogs

Andrew Taylor lives in Canterbury on New Zealand's South Island; when he grew frustrated with the local park's lack of good throwing sticks with which to amuse his dog, he created a "stick library" -- a engraved box with a dozen throwing sticks pruned from his home trees, smoothed down and readied for throwing. Read the rest

UPS Dogs is an Instagram account where drivers share photos of dogs they meet on their routes

You can view the photos on Instagram or Facebook:

UPS drivers deliver packages all day long. During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it in to UPS Dogs.

Plenty of UPS superfan dogs:

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My boyfriend and our girl, Nori, out delivering packages in Dayton, OH.

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on Dec 18, 2019 at 3:29am PST

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Rutt Ro! 🤣 Molly Cle Elum, Washington.

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on Oct 24, 2019 at 6:34pm PDT

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We met a fantastic UPS driver downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan today! Denny (dog) helped himself inside the truck and wanted to sniff all the packages for Christmas goodies. :-)

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on Dec 18, 2019 at 2:53am PST

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Our dogs Luna & Bergen adore their UPS delivery man Sean, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada! Here they are giving Sean his Christmas card.

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on Dec 15, 2019 at 2:04pm PST

But it's not just dogs. Goats, turkeys, and more make an appearance:

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This “dog” jumped in my truck before it even stopped. I had a hard time convincing him he couldn’t go with me 😊 Mill Creek, WV. #ups

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on Jul 15, 2019 at 5:06pm PDT

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When you pull up to your stop and their newest "Dogs" jump in to investigate your truck.💕

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Holiday Baking Inspo: Corgi Butt Bread

I love Corgis so much. This Japan-based bakery's corgi butt bread is something that I can really get behind. Read the rest

Video: Siberian Husky puppy mlem mlems

Aren't those gorgeous blue eyes amazing! Read the rest

Dogs painted like tigers to scare off monkeys

Farmers in the Malnad region in South India are reportedly dying their dogs' fur with tiger stripes to scare off bands of marauding monkeys. Apparently the monkeys are wreaking havoc on their corn crops.

According to the Deccan Herald, "Srikanta Gowda, a resident of Naluru village, Thirthahalli taluk, said he had seen a tiger-like doll used as a scarecrow near Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district four years ago. He brought it to the village and placed it in his areca plantation. Surprisingly, monkeys were frightened after seeing the doll and did not return to his plantation."

Based on that success, Gowda had the idea to enlist his dog as a kind of roving tiger-scarecrow. Read the rest

Dog: 'Human, no stop skritches.'

Why you stop. No stop skritchy.

These puppies are 'Stayin' Alive'

Feel the city breaking, and everybody shaking. Read the rest

Dog destroys wet driveway concrete

This dog didn't mind at all that his human companion did something weird and unnecessary to his playground.

The driveway is done, now we can relax from r/Wellthatsucks

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Dog stuck on fence makes a new friend

Bodycam footage involving cops and dogs is rarely pleasant viewing, but this one--featuring an officer rescuing a dog snarled in a wire fence--has a great twist ending. I shalln't ruin it for you. Read the rest

Dog drives car

Via LAD Bible

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Narwhal the 'Unicorn Puppy' has 'tail' on head he can't wag

10-week-old puppy Narwhal has tail-like appendage growing from forehead

This adorable puppy has a tail growing from his head

This good boy is named Narwhal. And yes, he has a tail growing from his head. Kind folks rescued from the cold outdoors in Kansas City, Mo. and took the 10-week-old pup to Mac's Mission, a nonprofit animal shelter in Jackson, Mo. From Yahoo!:

Once situated in Jackson, Narwhal was evaluated by Dr. Brian Heuring, a veterinarian at Cape Small Animal Clinic, who was able to share a good prognosis on the pup's signature appendage — and no, it doesn't wag, if you were wondering.

"Dr. Heuring is completely not on board with cutting it off at this point," (shelter founder Rochelle) Steffen shared of the extra tail, which is said to be about a third of the size of the tail on Narwhal's posterior. "We took X-rays and there is no medical reason for it to be removed, other than just cosmetic."

"We are always willing to do the medically necessary thing to make sure our animals have a good quality of life, but at this point, it doesn't bother him, it's not in his way," she continued. "He doesn't know any different, so he just runs and plays and is wild, like a normal puppy with a tail on his face."

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Dog tries to eat $250,000 Porsche

The Google Translation of this Instagram post: "And you wake up in the morning to discover that Firulais entertains himself by biting your $250,000.00 Porsche in this house."

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Y te levantas en la mañana a descubrir que Firulais se entretiene mordiendo tu Porsche de $250,000.00 en esta casa hoy se come perro caliente 🌭 #malinois #facebook #chrispuls Que harían ustedes con Firulais luego de semejante muestra de afecto?

A post shared by DON OMAR (@donomar) on Nov 7, 2019 at 3:31am PST

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This "Christmas Shirt For Dog Lovers" is definitely a penis

Do you love Christmas? Do you love dogs? How about dongs? Well then I have just the shirt for you!

I mean I guess I can see how that's supposed to be a dog with the — wait, nope, that's definitely a dick.

It's also available in a holly pattern, if you're so interested. Read the rest

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