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Moreover, it is postulated that...

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Strangers try to match dogs with their owners

It's said that dogs look like their human companions (or vice versa) but how easy is it for a stranger to make that match cold? The Cut's latest Lineup video takes a stab at answering that question. If you want to play along, there's plenty of time for you to try and figure out the answer before the big reveal at the end. Read the rest

Wonderful article about dogs

Jennifer Boylan reflects on the death and life of companions in Inside of a Dog

This summer, I took Indigo for one last walk. She was slow and unsteady on her paws. She looked up at me mournfully. “You did say you’d take care of me, when the time came,” her eyes said. “You promised.”

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Forum for doglifting enthusiasts

r/doglifting, a forum to post pictures of you lifting up your dog, is my new favorite subreddit.

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Beautiful textile sculptures of dogs

Looking for a lovely way to honor a special pooch in your life? British sculptor Helen Thompson, aka Holy Smoke, creates textile sculptures of dogs that really capture the essence of dogness. Read the rest

Chews that work for both my big dog and the little one

These healthy chews are made of salmon, and come in sizes and consistencies that both my dogs can enjoy! Read the rest

German shepherd alarmed by sudden disappearance of owner

Turn up your speakers! The music really makes it. Read the rest

This border collie is busy saving New Zealand's endangered parrots

A doggo named Ajax has been specially trained to sniff out the kea, an endangered bird endemic to New Zealand. Watch this charming short as they roam the mountainous South Island. Read the rest

There's nothing like relaxing at home with your dog

"Petting your dog," writes Blake Boege, "is the most relaxing thing you can possibly do." Read the rest

Nearly impossible to destroy large dog chew toy

Nemo, my Great Pyr, tends to not like chewing on fake stuff. He's loved this Galileo Nylabone for years, however.

Nylabones cover the spectrum of dog-chew toughness. Puppy softchews are like plastic gel caps to my big dog, This hard bone is barely scored by his massive teeth.

The flavoring seems to last a long time, or Nemo just got used to chewing this bad boy for comfort. Sometimes I'll put a bit of peanut butter on it, if I just want him to settle down and leave me be.

Nemo is a 120lb chewing enthusiast. This bone, however, holds up.

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St. Bernard sets Guinness World Record for longest dog tongue

This is Mochi, a St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who set a Guinness Word Record for her impressive tongue. Mochi is a rescue dog now happily living with Carla and Craig Rickert. From Laughing Squid:

According to Carla, Mochi came to them as an abused and neglected two year old, but quickly became an integral part of the family. Carla also revealed that Mochi absolutely adores peanut butter.

Mo is resilient, comical, loving and eternally grateful and loyal to us – her forever family. This once abused and neglected pup has taught us that it’s okay to be different. We are proud of her unique feature… Officially measured by a vet at 18.58 cm (7.3 in) – the equivalent of two-and-a-half Jenga blocks in a row – Mochi’s was verified as the Longest tongue on a dog (current).

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Husky puppy's first howl

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Isle of Dogs: dog hair detangler and conditioner

My dog Zuul's hair is an impossible mess. Isle of Dogs spray on, leave in conditioner helps some.

I've been trying all sorts of things to help keep my darling baby Zuul mat and tangle free. Her hair grows like raw cotton and requires more effort than a Great Pyrenees.

Isle of Dogs sprays on, smells good and doesn't leave a greasy sheen. Her coat is not perfect, but she sure smells nice!

I assume this is unrelated to Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs.

Everyday Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Dog Brush Spray, Jasmine Vanilla for Yorkies, Poodles and Tangle-Prone Hair, 8.4oz via Amazon Read the rest

Student begs professor to let her bring dog to class before hurricane. What happens next is in fact awesome

Who's a good girl? This dog. Read the rest

Boxer dog derp dump: here are some of the many reasons Boxer dogs rule

Boxers are one of the derpy-est dog breeds. And that's why we love them so. Read the rest

This smart dog is so excited to go on a walk with his human

“And that is what we call a GOOD DOG.” So super excited, this lil guy is. Read the rest

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