Hidden camera records FBI returning snatched anonymous remailer server


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  1. relawson says:

    My first thought was “Wow! the FBI really DO dress like that!”

  2. bumblebeeeeeee says:

    how do they know it was the FBI? What Italian laws apply to this?

  3. wibbled_pig says:

    The same laws that allow the CIA to kidnap people here in italy, I’d guess..

    I’m wondering if they’ll trust that computer from now on. You can wipe the disk multiple times, clean the MBR, reflash the BIOS, etc, but it would take a lot more time and energy to make sure they didn’t stick something funny in em than it would to build and re-install another one.

  4. Nimdae says:

    I’m sure whoever placed the cameras will be prosecuted. That’s illegal, you know.

  5. Guest says:

    it must be the Keystone of their Kase

  6. IronEdithKidd says:

    Was this FBI siezure malice or gross incompetence?  I’m having a hard time telling.

  7. Tino says:

    This server will be really save to use now. 

  8. Bradley Robinson says:

    At least they put it back?

  9. bardfinn says:

    Upshot: Server can never be trusted again, nor any private keys installed on server, nor any session keys. Hundreds of people now must jump through their *coughcough* because the FBI are *coughcough*.

  10. salsaman says:

    “They installed a little CCTV camera after the seizure.”
    Ambiguous pronoun– is “they” the FBI or Riseup?

    • Nimdae says:

      From the article linked above:

      The footage, taken by a small surveillance camera MF/PL technologists installed after the FBI seizure of the server, is a rare glimpse of what appears to be an FBI operation.

  11.  This is the problem with anonymous services: How can one be sure it’s a legitimate service or a honey pot run by MI5/6/KGB/FBI/CIA/NSA?

  12. derek prowse says:

    C’mon, dude.  take that coat to a tailor.  $20 can go a long way with a cheap jacket.  

  13. Cowicide says:

    In case anyone is having issues watching the ogg format video in Safari, etc. – here’s the Flash video (top link) or use Chrome, etc.


  14. Jonathan Delahaye says:

    The server doesn’t keep logs, but the FBI (through that server) does now :)  

  15. CognitiveDissident says:

    So THAT’S why Dr. Evil never answered my email!
    For a while, I thought Mini-Me was intercepting  them, but see, that was just me being paranoid.

  16. just_a_user says:

    Audio would be interesting.  Are they speaking English?  What are they saying?

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