Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Grandmaster Flash's First Record

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    1. Although the band denies it, supposedly Sleep spent their advance entirely on marijuana, which helped birth the 52-minute, one song, doom metal classic known as “Jerusalem.”  

  1. I compiled a youtube playlist of all the recordings mentioned, though I’m sure I missed a few:

    Thanks for the much-needed hip-hop education, Ed Piskor. I’m loving every strip.

  2. Fantastic.  I want an advance I can blow recklessly. Dirt bikes, drugs, original comic book art, they’re all good.

  3. What is it with dirt bikes?  Crash Crew posed on the cover of their album on dirt bikes too.

    Flash does appear on one record back then– he manually plays a Vox drum machine on that Bozo Meko record (which was basically a bootleg of them doing their live routines.)

    1.  It seems ATV/off road vehicles, in general, have always been a trope of Hip Hop. I need to figure out a way to get DJ Breakout’s awesomely designed Dune Buggy into the comic. In the 80’s Jeeps were in. And then there was this vehicle called a Hummer.

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