YouTube video uploads hit 3 days/minute


5 Responses to “YouTube video uploads hit 3 days/minute”

  1. eldritch says:

    So I think I have my calculations correct on this…

    3 days per minute is equal to 180 days per hour…

    180 days per hour is equal to 4320 days per day…

    Which is equal to 4320 years per year.

    *brain explodes*

  2. Culturedropout says:

    So that’s… like…  a month’s worth of badly lit emo girls babbling semi-coherently, and guys getting hit in the balls, every 10 minutes…

  3. flickerKuu says:

    But still I cant click on a you tube video without it stopping and buffering at the worst time regardless of time of day, bandwidth , computer, location, etc…

  4. rocobo9 says:

    how long have we got before they acheive a singularity and the universe explodes?

  5. John Roberson says:

    I’ll bet a large portion of that is 10 hour loops or otherwise insignificant video – there are quite a few of those up.

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