Comics Rack: Boing Boing's new monthly comics round-up


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  1. Mark Wood says:

    I think I’m gonna like this.  Thanks!

  2. MrWednesday7 says:

    Sturgeon’s Law?

  3. jackruby1123 says:

    I love that the above-the-jump image is a bunch of mainstream spiderman comics and then you get to the meat and its the indie, unknown goodness iv come to expect from boing boing. The old switcheroo!

    • Brian Easton says:

      On the other hand I’m not such a big fan of shitting on super hero comics. It’s just as bad as dismissing “genre fiction”

    • [...making it worth opening the
      packages instead of tossing them straight into the trash.]

      Am I sensing some anger here, instead of a critic’s impartiality?  Are the covers to the comics you’re getting so bad that you can’t even open them?  Perhaps instead of immediately judging them as worthless garbage, you could give them to a friend with less discerning taste who might enjoy reading and reviewing the comics you spurn.  Maybe a small child could use them to learn to read (or at the very least least learn to avoid the artistic mistakes made by these fiends in human shape who send you their stuff). 

      I don’t consider myself a beanie-wearing fan, but I do know enough about Dr. Wertham to be pretty sure he was never close to 99% correct about anything relating to comic books.  Quoting him favorably and dismissing 99% of your industry at a glance (represented by a pile of old Spider-Man covers I suppose) while introducing a positive exploration of indie comics is… off-putting?

      • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

        Like I said. I do open all of them. But I stand over the recycling bin as I go through them. I just tossed a bunch today!

  4. Vaughn Marlowe says:

    I grew up alongside comic books, literally. When we were both 8-9 years old I could draw almost as well as the slightly older kids who were writing and drawing the emerging DC canon. They didn’t impress me; even I could see they were pirating panels from Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Roy Crane, and the other big guys who worked the syndicated newspaper Sunday comics sections. Original comic books were crap. In many ways, in most cases, they still are.

    The artwork is magnitudes better, the writing not so much. I’m glad Mr. Heater is filtering the product for us and I thank him.

    BAM! POW! SPLAT!  

  5. TheGibson says:

    This sounds great but… I was wondering if you knew there was a well-respected comic podcast called “Indie Spinner Rack?” They’re on ep. 195 and have been around since 2005.

  6. skyhawk1 says:

    This looks good.

  7. MadRat says:

    Will this include manga, art books, comic strips and/or webcomics?

    • bheater says:

       Webcomics and strips, certainly. Artbooks to an extent — but only ones that still fits within the broader comics category. There will likely be less in the way of manga, though I’m always open for reading suggestions.

  8. Tony_Moore says:

    i’m looking forward to this feature. Good idea, Boingers!


  9. The Daily Crosshatch was always a favorite of mine. I was sad to see it go. Glad to see Brian talking about comics again.

  10. Philbert says:

    What I find cool about the picture with all the spider-man comics is that I actually own some of them. That means that they’re pretty old btw…

  11. Scott Finkeldei says:

    So looking forward to this new feature.  thanks Boing Boing team!

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