Infographics from 1917 on the exciting future of aviation


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  1. peterkvt80 says:

    Interesting comparison of the capital cost of 100 miles of railway being £2,400,000 against an “air line” of £60,000. It conveniently forgets to compare the passengers and freight that you can carry for your money.

  2. Slartibartfatsdomino says:

    “Emergency landing station every 10 or 15 miles”? 

    Can’t foresee any economic, environmental, political, or geometric problems with that plan! 

  3. hukes says:

    The illustration is amazingly modern for that year.

  4. grumble-bum says:

    I am really bewitched by the illustration. From the concrete mechanics of the plane, to the more expressive  balloon tethers, everything seems to accurately occupy space & convey motion. Very nice.

    Anyone know anything about the illustrator?

    • Scott Edelman says:

      I’m afraid I know little about S. W. Clatworthy, save for the fact that he appears to be The Graphic’s go-to artist whenever charts including planes and ships were needed. He did numerous such illustrations in the bound volume I own from 1917.

  5. DevinC says:

    That’s a really good idea, adding overhead lights to balloons so aircraft can find their way.  Except for the inevitable fatal collisions with the tether cable, I don’t see why we don’t do that now.  Lord Montagu’s certainly thought everything through!

  6. penguinchris says:

    Management is the most significant cost besides the actual airplanes, naturally.

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