Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rick Rubin, and the first gold record




  1. I certainly hope there’s some sort of verifiable way to show that Rick Rubin actually was a spoiled dick? Because it seems to take a lot of liberties in portraying him poorly, and makes the author seem catty.

  2. He hasn’t really been “kind” to ANYONE  for that matter, and that makes it so much better. It also doesn’t take away any respect I have for any of the artists portrayed. Life ain’t just peaches and cream.
    Keep em comin Ed! These are better than any weekly tv show.

    1. It’s not about showing people warts and all, which is always fine, it’s about portraying people in ways that I’m not sure are true. Especially portraying Rubin as a petulant rich kid with an ugly unibrow and a vaguely unsettling Jewish caricature for a father. Someone who didn’t know shit about hip hop but had to be handed tapes by some no-named white dude. That’s pretty far from the Rubin I read about. It’s pretty heavy-handed. Simmons is just portrayed as a high-liver with a lisp.

        1. What I am and am not in real life isn’t really important, except to trivial people.

      1. > petulant rich kid with an ugly unibrow… who didn’t know shit about hip hop but had to be handed tapes by some no-named white dude

        Ed’s been pretty consistently en pointe with the details in this strip, I don’t think he’d start making shit up out of whole cloth at this point. If he drew ol’ Beardy McSunglasses like that, there was a reason for it.

  3. another of those five singles Treacherous Three cut for Enjoy, liberated from a ten-cent bin at Ear Wax, ATL.

  4. Despite one’s opinion of how various people are portrayed, I think one must admit that this comic, when complete, is going to be a significant historic document.  This era in music history is largely unknown and under-reported, and I think depicting it in an exaggerated and humorous fashion, with obsession on real historic minutia, is not only appropriate, but awesome.  Ed, thanks for taking this project on!  I love it.  I also really enjoy listening to the tracks mentioned in the comic.

    It’s probably impossible, but if this would ultimately get released in book form with a mix tape of all the songs, it would be mind-blowing!  

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