Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Cold Crush Brothers




      1. Out of curiosity, where are you getting all this information from? Bootlegs and previously published history/interviews? Or have you been interviewing some of these people directly, too? 

        1.  Had the opportunity to do some interviews, and more to come, but, mostly gleaning info from every documentary, book, and published interview I can get my hands on.

  1. Really great.  Can’t wait for a chance to buy the eventual book.

    A minor nit – in the recording you linked, I think they rhymed damp with stamp, not chance.  I think the line is “when it comes to cash, you ain’t got a stamp” as in not even a food stamp.  Doesn’t really detract from the piece, and I really respect your sharing the source. 

    I’m jealous that I didn’t get to witness this part of hip hop history, and appreciate the lesson.  All those Beastie Boys lyrics that reference this stuff make so much more sense now.  Thanks for the context.

  2. I’m not a huge hip hop fan but I love stuff like this, the light-hearted wordplay (despite the relative nastiness of the insults, it’s done in the spirit of fun).

  3. “So you wanna play the Dozens…?”  Love it -once again you made my day with your hip-hop time machine

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