Remembering Marvin Hamlisch with a performance of his work by Gilda Radner


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  1. royaltrux says:

    I’m catching up on SNL but haven’t quite made it to 1980 yet. A spoiler alert would be helpful here.


  2. Mitchell Glaser says:

    Poor Gilda, such an amazing talent and she died so young. And poor Gene, he finds the perfect woman, the love of his life, and then… ach.

    • cstatman says:

       so brilliant and talented and wonderful.   and yes.    Gene.     yes.   

      • ChickieD says:

        Actually, if you read Gene Wilder’s autobiography, he is surprisingly harsh toward Gilda. I don’t think he really saw her as “the love of his life.” I think other people felt like they seemed so right for each other. I have to say, I was disappointed by how he described their relationship. I was one of those people who liked to think of them as perfect for each other, but it seemed like from his book that he is more of a jerk than I would like to believe and she was more neurotic.

        • Mitchell Glaser says:

          I didn’t know he had an autobiography, I may have to read that.

          • ChickieD says:

            It’s an interesting read. If you check out the comments on Amazon, you’ll see that a lot of people reacted to it, as I did, with surprise. He is not as warm and fuzzy as the characters he plays. I found it interesting to learn more about him as a person, and admired that he did try to reveal himself “warts and all.” I guess it’s easy to confuse a person with the characters they play; it was a smack in the face to realize that he was just acting all along.

  3. annbro369 says:

    After reading about Marvin Hamlisch’s passing earlier today I sang this song a little to myself.  I was also having a hard time placing where I had heard his name in film, tv or stage show.  This is what I was thinking of.  Thank you for posting this. Two brilliant minds in one video.

  4. Andy Marx says:

    Please pardon me for posting twice in the same week about my grandfather, Groucho Marx, but most people don’t know that very early in his career, Marvin Hamlisch was my grandfather’s accompanist when he did several one-man shows during the early ’70s, including one at Carnegie Hall.  Marvin would come to the house and rehearse with my grandfather and it was a thrill to hear the two of them working together.  When Marvin’s career took and he got too busy to play piano for my grandfather, I was called in as replacement and got to accompany him numerous times.  He even used to sing a song written by my other grandfather, the legendary songwriter Gus Kahn, and his wife, Grace Kahn, called, “Oh, How That Woman Could Cook,” which he performed at Carnegie Hall.

  5. Judonerd says:

    I played upright bass in a band backing Marvin Hamlisch for one night. I won’t comment on him as a person, but I’ll say he didn’t like me very much.

  6. robcat2075 says:

     I recall an interview long ago, possibly on NPR, where Hamlisch expressed his uneasiness with that Radner sketch.

  7. “I call it a ‘film’ – not a movie!” 

    Poor Lisa never did get to go on her double dream date. ;__;

  8. M. Derbecker says:

    Hamlisch took part in a Gilda’s Club event to raise money for a cancer hospice in Toronto (and elsewhere – the event took place in Toronto). He played and sang a segue into Radner’s version of The Way We Were, managing to take something funny and making it deeply moving. He always struck me as a guy who got the joke.

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