J.J. Abrams' Star Trek gets an official title that looks like it's suffering from a typo

The official title for Star Trek 2 was revealed by Paramount today, and while I never thought I'd say this about anything or anyone (okay, perhaps a couple of times), I really hope it's dealing with colon issues. The title is Star Trek Into Darkness -- four words, a proper noun that consists of two words ("Star Trek") that is now an active verb ("Trek") that makes this title a prepositional phrase ("Into Darkness"). I really hope that someone mistakenly left out the colon in between Star Trek and Into Darkness, because I think we're approaching Pun Territory, Captain. (via Movieline)


  1. They were saying they wanted to avoid using a colon as well as giving it a number. It likely reads worse than it will feel when we see it on posters and other titles – I’m foresee a tiny font “STAR TREK” above much larger letting for “INTO DARKNESS”

  2. Or is this title trying to underline that “Star Trek” literally means star trek, instead of just being a totally abstract sequence of letters symbolizing the franchise? (like the disney logo is when you’re a child (and well into adolescence for me at least))

      1.  I think after his experience working on Dune, David Lynch is done with science fiction. Still, one can dream…right?

          1.  Funny how things work out. Originally Lucas was trying to get an adaptation of Dune made but when he couldn’t get the rights he developed Star Wars instead.

  3. I think numerals are best. For example, something like “I Pissed All Over STAR TREK Before, And Now I Am Doing A Number 2”.

  4. Seriously, nobody is going to be “that guy”? This is still the internet, yes? Nobody is going to point out the detail that is frustrating the hell out of your nerd mind? Nobody? Ok I’ll be the one. The official title of Star Trek 2 is The Wrath of Khan. This title is referring to Star Trek 12. Sadly they haven’t gone with my suggested title Star trek 12: Adventures of a Boring Pedant…

  5. So many film makers in the science fiction genre got their start working on John Carpenter/Dan O’Bannon’s Dark Star… 

    Maybe a little insider reference? Though obviously more the reference to Conrad. I guess that makes Benedict Cumberbatch likely some form of Kurtz. 

    I wish it was Harvey Mudd.

    Probably Gary Mitchell?

    If they ever bring back Khan they should cast Nestor Carbonell.

  6. Title aside, I’m hoping they come up with a flawed premise and then spend the entire movie bending the storyline and any sense of logic and reason to get themselves out of that very premise.

    You know, like the first one.

  7. Aw, it ain’t so bad.  Can’t one trek on into something?  Merriam-Webster cites trek as an intransitive verb before the noun reference.  So you can, in a spiritual sense, hop into one’s starship and star trek on down into darkness with a spring in one’s step and a tribble in one’s heart.

    I wonder if Paramount saw what New Line did with their sequel to the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth, cheekily dubbing it Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. For what it’s worth, New Line left the colon off the poster, too.

    I think I’m just as unlikely to watch STID as I was J2TMI.

  8. I really hope that someone mistakenly left out the colon in between Star Trek and Into Darkness

    The good news is that there is a colon. The bad news is that the title is written as “STAR: Trek Into Darkness.

  9. Here’s an idea: let Joss Whedon write and direct an episode.

    [Over the ship-wide intercom] “This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then — explode.”

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