Bomb threats linked to "Innocence of Muslims" lead to evacuations at 3 US college campuses

Three schools in Texas, North Dakota and Ohio were evacuated today after bomb threats apparently linked to the "Innocence of Muslims" YouTube video freakout prompted officials to issue evacuation orders. More at Associated Press. And here are our archives.


  1. This whole thing is super fishy.  What sane group of people watches a crappy YouTube video and then starts blowing things up to prove they aren’t at all like the horrible stereotype depicted in the crappy YouTube video? 

    The video was hardly watchable, it was awful, who could sit through it long enough to be offended?

    1. You’re missing the way moral panic works.  100% of the rioters are people who have not seen the video.  A lot of this is extremist backlash whipped up by nutcase religious groups precisely because they’re offended that the moderates have been making progress.  (Note that the movie’s been out for months; the rioting is now because now is when one specific group decided to spend a couple of days on YouTube talking about it.)

      For a better idea how this works, listen to talk radio or read any newspaper article that pretends to believe ‘they’re going to ban Christmas’.

  2. Extremists desperately need a remedial lesson in how to properly fight trolls. Continuing to react to lies and slander against the Prophet with violence and threats of violence will bring ruin upon everyone.

    1. So….we could have world peace if we replaced the politicians and religious leaders with moderators and better spam filters? I’m in.

    2.  To me your post reads like “Trolls need a remedial lesson in how to properly fight trolls.” What we have happening is extremists in some countries (namely the United States and Israel) are igniting extremists in other countries, which will in turn ignight futhur extemists again.

  3. Where’s the “apparent link” to the events at the embassies or the video? The AP story doesn’t mention any links at all aside from the timing. And neither has any of the other reporting I’ve seen on these bomb threats. In at least one of the cases the threat was made by some one claiming to be with Al-Queida, otherwise not much info seems to be out there as to who made these threats and why. For all we know some one wanted to delay a math test.

  4. Somehow, a weird seamy underground network of anti-Islam con-men and insane bigoted evangelicals are fomenting this conflict. They exist in symbiosis with the violent terrorist groups who take advantage of the resulting unrest. How Wonderful and Amazing.

    The last thing we need is rednecks and terrorists figuring out that there’s no reason they shouldn’t get on famously

  5. Recently a reporter was asking the “common man” of Afghanistan what they knew about 9-11 in America.

    The answer : NOTHING. …Person after person: NOTHING.

    Therefore it is not about a youtube video that no one has seen…it is about rabble rousers…

    formenting unrest for political and religious reasons…(In my opinion that is a crime against God/man…if not against a state…and being a citizen of the U.S. I do believe in free speech…
    No, we should not shout fire in a crowded theater…but public discourse is to be encouraged even to the point that in our country we protect unpopular speech.

    We do believe that more speech is the answer to unpopular speech.

    Yes there are many well educated people in all of the Middle Eastern Arab Moslem countries…And Libya is close to the top of social well being in the area for the average person and not just the elite.

    But some… of the people of the Middle East are manipulated by others playing on their lack of knowledge of events and or understanding of world cultures.

    So sad for them and the world.
    Same for Iraq…Iran etc.

    It appears to me that in Egypt the “leaders” of government wanted/allowed a small demonstration against the Americans.

    In Libya, the attack was a planned terrorist action with the intent of embarrassing the new Libyan government and to strike back at America for a recent drone attack, I believe in Pakistan/Afganistan against Abu Yahya Al Libi who apparently was from Libya.

  6.  State-controlled media is spinning, spinning, spinning the fact that what is going on in the Middle East is a direct result of Ubama’s policy of establishing the Muslim Brotherhood as the ruling class.

    The freaking movie had nothing to do with it, other than as a means of political camouflage.

    The fact that they had it planned for September 11th (does that date ring a bell?) tells you everything you need to know about how “spontaneous” it was.

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