The Star Trek-Psy parody you know you wanted: Klingon Style


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  1. Brainspore says:

    Tangentially related—I never got the Klingon/Shakespeare thing. It seems like the central conflicts in most Shakespeare plays would be downright incomprehensible to a Klingon. Examples:

    King Lear: a monarch is torn by the decision of which of his bickering offspring should inherit his kingdom. (Klingon reaction: whichever one kills the other two. Duh!)

    Macbeth: a nobleman is torn by the decision to kill the king in order to ascend to the throne himself, and is subsequently overwhelmed with guilt as he tries to cover up the crime. (Klingon reaction: what crime? All hail King Macbeth!)

    Hamlet: a prince is torn by the decision of whether or not to avenge his father’s murder.  (Klingon reaction: I don’t even understand the question.)

    • Mark Wilson says:

      Maybe they really like his comedies? or maybe the dirty jokes that saturate shakespeare’s work translate better into Klingon than modern english?

      Honestly though, if I were going choose an ancient human story for a species of warrior culture aliens to adopt as their own, it would probably be the Illiad, battles, heroes, and tragedy, all wrapped up in a ten year long war, seems like everything they could want. They might side with the Trojans though, depending on their opinion of treachery as a legitimate tactic in war.

    • Just_Ok says:

      It’s the sonnets

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    Ha, fantastic.  The tribble was a nice touch.

  3. akbar56 says:

    This is all my fault. I had avoided watching the original forever no matter how many people wanted me to watch it. Earlier this week I relented and gave it a watch. Then….this travesty was created.

  4. dioptase says:

    For grins, start the Klingon video, switch to a different tab and watch this one muted:

    Freaky, eh?

  5. Jim Saul says:

    This is spectacular. I’ll admit I’ve watched it three times since it started hitting the science fiction sites this morning.

    Clicking around the group’s other videos, the “BAMF” ones are absolutely hilarious.

  6. Lexicat says:

    Right here, right now: there’s no other place I’d rather be.

  7. stuck411 says:

    Ugh! Nice concept but they were more concerned with keeping too close to the Psy video. His parody worked. This one does not. Please remake & use stronger Trekkie jokes. (On behalf of the Klingons, I’m offended.)

    • Brainspore says:

      His parody worked. This one does not. Please remake & use stronger Trekkie jokes.

      Why don’t you just post the one you made so we can compare the two?

  8. bcsizemo says:

    That was pretty good, but there is just something about the bobble head Bill Nye that generates a high level of LOL in me.

  9. kartwaffles says:

    It’s not all-Klingon. They’re singing “Klingon Style” in English.  TlhIngan tIgh!

  10. jwgl23 says:

    The Vulcans seem to be displaying too much emotion.

  11. Marence says:

    Turn on captioning. Even more fun.

  12. That was a lot better than I expected.

  13. Preston Sturges says:

    L.A. River = WIN

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