The new trailer for Movie 43 is very, very funny and not-at-all SFW

(Video link) A rather off-the-wall trailer for the upcoming anthology flick Movie 43 -- which stars every single person in Hollywood and is directed by everyone else who showed up late the day it was cast (except for Elizabeth Banks, who directs and stars) -- was unleashed on the internet today. Made in the vein of Kentucky Fried Movie and, as Entertainment Weekly observes, Robot Chicken, Movie 43 took four years to make and looks bonkers! Whether or not that's a good thing, well, I'll reserve my judgement until I actually see it when it opens in April. Once again, this preview is NSFW. (via Entertainment Weekly)


  1. This trailer did nothing for me.  Had to shut it off after 15 seconds.  A series of shock lines involving combinations of violence, scatology and sex.  A dwarf. Poop.  Where’s the new part?  What’s off the wall?  Did someone take money to throw this up here?

    1. Should have stuck with it. It went from scatological, to bizzare, to blazingly offensive, to Richard Pryor-level scortched-earth comedy. I’ll watch it.

        1. Something about your seminal work including doing coke and catching on fire and being grossed out that your significant other took a shit before sex sort of eliminates the class part. A dick joke is a dick joke regardless of how well it’s told, no matter how much time proves the significance of the work of people like Pryor.

    2. Yeah….I mean, I’m totally with you guys….I’m so above this movie. I mean…who enjoys poop jokes….ahem….excuse me for a sec. (looks for release date)

    3. I’m impressed they got like every single living comedic actor in one movie, but for real there were zero laughs in that trailer. I’m actually amazed at how, with all that awesome talent, there wasn’t a single laugh. The black basketball team shit was so corny. I’m supposed to laugh at that? C’mon!

  2. I’m torn between thinking “This looks worse than Dumb and Dumber” and “I laughed myself stupid the first time I saw Dumb and Dumber”.

    We’ve probably seen all the funniest lines in the trailer though. So it goes.

    1. I really want to find the executives who greenlight promos that give the entire movie away and smack them upside the head.

  3. I actually own Kentucky Fried Movie, The Groove Tube, and Amazon Women on the Moon so this is right in my wheelhouse.

  4. Very, very funny??

    Maybe if I was a 15-year-old suburban white boy.

    I couldn’t laugh at any of that even if I were very, very drunk.

    1.  i’m a 48 year old suburban white boy. i laughed. didn’t split my sides, but damn, i did laugh.

      1. Well, good for you I guess.

        Was it the childish poop joke, or the racist “black guys have big dicks!” joke?

        1. Wow, so many folks turning up their noses at this because, you know, they have better taste than the rest of us.

          I don’t think we can fairly tell from the trailer, but if it is anything like Robot Chicken I think I’d find it quite funny indeed. Have you found that wanting as well? No doubt too imma-toor for your refined sensibilities.

          1. I know. People should be forced at gunpoint to enjoy what some other people find funny. It’s the American way.

    1. A pity one of those two is Halle Berry, who did about as much for the character of Storm as a good looking mannequin would have.

      Interestingly, whilst her name is clearly displayed in big letters on the trailer, she isn’t listed at all on the IMDB cast page.

  5. People should take their heads out of their asses and stop looking for their sense of humour there.
    That trailer was funny.

    1.  >That trailer was funny.

      I know comedy is subjective and all, but I love comedy. I watch a lot of it and have pretty broad tastes. If it’s funny, I’ll laugh.

      I only laughed (a teeny bit) once – the guy who raises his stump, where a hand used to be. That was it.

      It all seemed to be trying too hard and dismally failing. It wasn’t funny, it was tired and obvious. It was pretty boring.

    2. Two of my favorite comedies are Grandma’s Boy and European Gigolo, so obviously I like lowbrow, broad humor, but this did nothing for me at all. I mean if you like it, cool, but I found it just corny. And I like most of those actors a lot.

  6. I’ll see it because bottom of the barrel lowbrow comedies are the agreed neutral ground between my wife’s penchant for kill-me-now bleak dramatic movies (preferably in another language) and my preference for science fiction films (that aren’t embarrassingly stupid like Prometheus).  We both find joy in the lowbrow.  Don’t you judge me.

  7. I think the trailer has all the jokes. Clearly there isn’t a story — just a series of sketches, maybe. It looks like all the actors had a fun time while making it, and they will all wonder why it only made $14 at the box office.

  8. LogrusZed beat me to it…but this looks like a modern version of “Amazon Women on the Moon”…which I have to say had me laughing my ass off back then.  I’ll wait till it’s on cable…but I’ll watch it.  It’ll be my guilty pleasure for that week.

  9. Jamie Kennedy in the doc Heckler made what I thought was an interesting point that hecklers/haters/critics of comedy come off as having been personally offended/assaulted by comedy they don’t like.  

    Why do we have such a strong reaction to comedy?  It’s all just a joke, right?  What’s the big deal?  

    1. The reaction comes from the subjects being joked about walking the line between offensive and not. If one misses it explodes into some group banding behind the “this particular comedian must be stopped because they made a joke about a particular subject we find distasteful despite it being in a comedy club that features very blue material”. It’s both startling common and obnoxious. Hell, they even had that Tosh post here a short while back.

    2. I’m not offended by the nature of the humor, I’m bored by the entire premise. Looks like they threw together a set of actors that needed the money.

  10. This is like prefacing a joke with, “Okay, here’s a very, very funny joke.” Even if the joke really is kind of funny, it probably won’t meet the expectations you just set up.

  11. If we keep going back to the restaurant for another sh*t sandwich because it’s twice as pungent as last year’s, why should they hire a better chef?

  12. I’m not offended, I just didn’t think it was funny. As for it being compared to KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, wow, really, that’ll keep me away 100%. I scratched my head a time or two in the movie theater when I first saw KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, it bored me. I’ve seen it several times since then hoping upon hope that yes, I will think it’s funny or somewhat amusing this time around. Nope. But I’m the first to admit that spoofs or parodies of material that wasn’t that good to begin with leave me cold. And really some of the material in the trailer – the humor is getting real old – come up with some new material please that might actually, I don’t know, be funny.

    It’s just a trailer though, they never put the funniest stuff or give away the movie in trailers so I guess I better run out and see this movie because it can only get better while you are sitting in the movie theater drinking your $7 sodas, eating your oil covered puffed air kernels, and choking down your sugary candies. Of course around here they now have pizza, chicken, and specialty coffee drinks to suck away more of your money.. Sounds like $30 solo movie mission of fun and games.

  13. You guys, the Affordable Care Act now mandates that your insurers cover rectal stickectomies. I suggest you look into it. 

  14. I really have a fondness for Amazon Women on the Moon, so I figured I’d give this trailer a shot.

    Nope.  Witless and inane.  And this is coming from a guy who has never seen a turd he hasn’t laughed at.  I’m not highbrow.  I liked 3,000 Miles to Graceland.  I laughed a few times at Dumb and Dumber.  I don’t usually laugh at Farrelly Brothers movies because their substitution of what they think we’ll find shocking for things that we’d actually find amusing mostly doesn’t work for me (though I still kinda want to see what they did with The Three Stooges, since that movie’s trailer was about 85% material done exactly right, IMHO).

    I enjoyed The Aristocrats, I liked lots of Team America, and my favorite comedian ever was George Carlin, who had a gift for hiding a profound statement on the human condition deep within the smelly confines of an 8-year-old’s fart joke.  Nearly anything strikes me as funny.  But man, does this trailer look like an enormous waste of time and money.

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