RiffTrax is bringing Birdemic: Shock and Terror to theaters for festive October soul-hurt (and jokes)!


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  1. True story: I was watching Birdemic for the first time on my laptop on a plane.  I paused it to take a break, and the woman sitting next to me asked “Are you watching the worst movie ever made, or what?” (keeping in mind she could only see and not hear it)  I was like, “Yeah, that’s about right”.

    It is so unbeleivablty ridiculous and poorly executed, yet so, so earnest – I actually find it more tolerable than The Room, which has a little too much of Wiseau “gettin’ his romancing on” for my taste.

  2. Thad Boyd says:

    “That is like a riddle, that is like a zen code” looks like a transcription error; should be “koan”.

  3. Tracy Byrnes says:

    The only drinking game you need for watching Birdemic: “Bird! Drink!”  

  4. slippy0 says:

    I sincerely suggest everyone watch this movie. It makes “The Room” look good in comparison.

  5. fantabulizer says:

    The beauty of Birdemic is that it almost seems intentional.  Everything that you can do wrong making a movie — acting, directing, sound, cinematography, you name it — is done so completely wrong here, it seems as if someone set out to make the most poorly made movie possible.  Then you realize the wrong is so complete, so absolutely perfect in its wrongness that it could never have been done intentionally.  It is terrible filmmaking lightning caught in a bottle.

    There are many bad movies, but there are few as transcendentally awful as this one.  Don’t miss it.

    • Slowermo says:

      I was watching a movie called The Carrier and had to look up if it was a comedy. All signs point to no but I’m still not so sure. It made me like it even more

  6. Jorpho says:

    Alaska, but no Canada.  Phooey.

  7. BDiamond says:

    Sour pinnels. Slr pnls. Sewer pantaloons.

  8. Barada says:

    When I tell people about this movie, I say, if you can make it through the first 13 minutes, it gets worse.

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