Disney Research's ideas for 3D printed toys


6 Responses to “Disney Research's ideas for 3D printed toys”

  1. John Vance says:

    Looks like life beginning to imitate (your) art!

  2. Split mind says:

    Who cares? All guys just waited cheap unmarked weapons..

  3. connie1946 says:

    These descriptions are reminding me of those little vac-u-form wax toys that one could see being made under a mechanical glass dome. Usually at bigger amusement parks or science centers in the late ’60s

  4. Rich Curtis says:


  5. kpallist says:

    It’s neat to do this via 3D printing, but it’s worth noting there are some toys already doing this. The Disney/PIxar Cars toys for iPad already have channels like this and use lit-up areas of the ipad display to shine through the toy (e.g. to light up headlights). The new Skylanders toys have pieces that light up, and I think in some cases they are doing this, but in others I think they may have an LED within the toy itself.

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