Pirate Cinema, for your downloading pleasure

It took me a little while, but the Pirate Cinema website is finally up, with multiformat downloads and purchase links for the ebooks, print books, and audioboks. Have at it!


  1. Disappointing you’ve changed your cc licence to disallow remixes without permission though, you put up an explanation but you are only addressing the foreign translations of your work. You’ve had some neat remixes in the past so what happens if say there’s a school project to turn pirate cinema into a play or something? Or does that just come under fair use? Copyright is a fucking headache at the best of times so i can’t imagine a teacher allowing that after reading the small print.

    1.  CC licenses don’t allow me to say that you may do school plays but not translations, so I have to approve those individually, But as I say in the note, I’m happy to allow it, and I’m a pretty responsive email guy — generally responding within 12h. My email address is on every page of my website. I’m hoping that teachers and others will get in touch. Again, as I say, I’m delighted to grant permission.

      1. Yeah, i understand now there’s no nuance in a cc licence between remixes and translations and it’s not for me to tell you your business so i hope you don’t think i am but personally it feels like a small step back for you. I don’t doubt at all that you’re happy to grant permission and you’re a very accessible fella but it just seems like an extra hurdle to jump over when you showed that it doesn’t have to be like that; the share and share alike, sing it, yodel it ethos being one you’ve always preached for hopefully other creators to follow.

  2. Loving pirate cinema, i’m already cheerleading it to my friends as the most important book they aren’t reading.  The commercial breaks in between chapters are an interesting idea.  Maybe a little much to do it between every one, but hell…i’ll read anything you write :P  I’m looking forward to donating a copy or three come tax return time when i’ve actually got some disposable income. i guess i just want to say thank you for being a voice for what’s going on around us.   I’m not sure why you always get classed as science fiction. 15 years ago it would have been cyberpunk, now it’s just incisive social commentary for the netizen generation.

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