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58 Responses to “Time travel or illusion?”

  1. Dave Horton says:

    I believe in photoshop.

  2. Wild Rumpus says:

    It’s Ashton Kutcher.  He’s gone back in time to kill Demi Moore when she was born.

  3. Mark Dow says:

    Proto-surfer-dude smoked too much rope.

  4. Michael Polo says:

    Disappointed, I was expecting a vodka ad. 

  5. Mike Crawford says:

    I see nothing definitively ‘modern’ about this man.  He’s got longer, scruffy hair, a flat-necked t-shirt and shorts, all of which validly existed in 1917.  I think the tee is what is triggering Grant’s incredulity of the picture; and I don’t blame him, t-shirts weren’t common in those days.  The trouble is, they existed and existed enough that 3 years later, the term t-shirt was common enough to be merged into the english lexicon.

    • First Last says:

      “Now look closer. His head uncovered. His hair. His shorts. The man on the left stares in disbelief” while wearing the exact same shorts.

      I’m curious where Jamie’s going with this though since the fad for finding time travellers in old photos based on seemingly incongruous clothing died a few months back.

    • gamophyte says:

       gawd I love the word lexicon, thank you

  6. camnotthebutler says:

    Is boing boing doing free publicity for an upcoming film or suchlike? Worst “proof” for the week of anything.

  7. brainflakes says:

    I thought we’d already gone through all this with the time travelling hipster?


  8. JRA says:

    Apparently they had two suns back in those days. Hot.

  9. The man in the photo looks like he is dressed more like the children than the adults and appears to be somewhat unkempt.  Could it be that this “time traveler” is actually the intellectually disabled son of someone else who was there?

  10. bobcorrigan says:

    I’m still trying to understand our ancestors’ overweening fondness of rubble fields.

  11. Gripe X says:

    The incredulous fellow is also wearing shorts. There’s a gentleman on the lower right of the photo with his head uncovered. There’s no evidence that this photo was undoctored in the book that it was found. There’s no evidence that this book and the story about finding it is actually true.

    Is this all it takes to get onto BB?

  12. Gareth Skarka says:

    It’s a bathing suit, folks.

  13. Aaron H says:

    “Jimmy, can you go find me every group photo from back in the early 20th where there’s at least one person looking surprised? Thanks. Yeah, it’s for a project. Oh – you’ve got photoshop, right?”

  14. Matt Fisher says:

    I can’t remember the last time I poised for a picture.

  15. garyg2 says:

    Looks like surfer dood is holding the hand of mr incredulous so maybe that explains the look, y’know, being 1917 and all…

  16. Mark Harris says:

    a) this appears to be a viral for an upcoming movie

    b) the guy to the left has almost exact same outfit except for longer sleeves.

    c) people have very limited idea of what was or was not normal clothing in the past, probably because they base it all on movies.

  17. Ethan says:

    I hope the movie credits are meant to be funny… if not, perhaps just a simple “film by Jamie D. Grant” would suffice?

  18. I can’t believe this man from the future is holding my hand!

  19. noah django says:

    using a non-standard tuning and a grip of effects pedals, Thurston Moore’s guitar hit the resonant frequency of time and he slipped into a 1917 rubble field.

    •  Totally looks like a 90’s Thurston. Funny thing is back in the mid-late 80’s when I first got into Sonic Youth, I always figured they were young, maybe five years or so older than me. Quite a shock to find that Thurston was older than I thought and Kim could be my mom if she were a teen mom.

      I felt the same way when I found out that Justin Zivojinovich is about a year and a half younger than I am.

  20. Vin Reilly says:

    a photo of a magician and an illusion, hand in hand

  21. feetleet says:

    Look closer! Hasn’t anyone else noticed the golden laureates around the narrator’s words? That technology wasn’t invented until at least Sundance! And that level of self-importance was an innovation of the nouveau ‘Tommy Wiseau’ era. Even this ‘green screen’ and ‘shoop’ of our modern times. Yea, they were but a glimmer in monsieur Berton’s eye. I believe!

  22. txhoudini says:

    It’s called anomaly hunting and it wasn’t that funny or clever the first two dozen times.

    • feetleet says:

       Are you a wizard?

      • feetleet says:

        I should clarify. Much like all those pre-teens I wooed using (‘holla’) free minutes on AOL 3.01, ima tell you: you should be wizard or STEP maw fig awl! Magic is real man. I can totally dunk. 

  23. robuluz says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a longtime reader of your publication and generally find the material presented to be of satisfactory veracity. Imagine my surprise as I tune in to your internet frequencies this afternoon, and find this unsightly nonsense thrust before my delicate senses!

    Why, it is clear from the outset that this is no solid proof of time travel at all! Such apparel as seen here was perfectly appropriate at the time, or else one might suspect the Photoshops, if one is familiar with the discrete units of colour depth used in the manipulation of such visual reproductions.

    I expect more from Boing Boing!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Disinhappinated from Chestershirington.

  24. Ezekiel says:

    I do believe in Photoshop. I do!

  25. feetleet says:

    If you visited me from the future –

    Then you would have pre-empted yourself.  As soon as I know you exist, you won’t. 

    If you had visited me from the past –

    I will have preempted you. The ‘you’ that didn’t know I existed will cease to exist. If I taught ‘you’ the cure for death – totally OTC here in the future – the ‘you’ that learned it would cease to exist. 

    Until we find the cure for death, we exist in the eventuality that DIDN’T. 

    But you chose to visit me from the future/past/whatever.

    So, yes, this is all your fault.

  26. Will Bueche says:

    Was anyone else expecting the image to be of the wife’s husband, i.e., of the man himself? With that lead in of “my wife and I were in a bookstore…” it seemed that was the way the story (and by story I mean fiction) was headed.

    • Michael says:

      My thought exactly. Describing Jamie D. Grant in the video caption as an “amazing magician” certainly suggests his direct involvement. What is magical about this?

  27. Robert says:

    Find a copy of “The Cape Scott Story”, by Lester R. Peterson. See if it has the same picture. If not, it’s a shoop.

  28. Mike says:

    Of course it’s time travel.  But he went back in time, murdered his own parents, and thus was never able to go back in time and murder his own parents, enabling him to go back in time and…

  29. ackpht says:

    Photoshop. So it goes. 

  30. Michael Chambers says:

    These time travel pics have turned into the 21st century equivalent of someone’s grandpa trying to pull off the ‘Got your nose!’ trick on a teenager.

  31. Oli Newsham says:

    Problem: A person is shown clearly in a photograph from 1917 with a hairstyle, posture, and clothes that are atypical of the time period in which the picture was taken.

    Obvious solution: The physical laws that govern our existence are wrong, cause can precede effect, and time travel is possible thus leading to the obvious conclusion that our mystery-man is a time traveller.Totally improbable solution: The picture is of a perfectly ordinary person wearing strange clothes and someone with absolutely no ability to reason logically about the physical world around them saw it.

    • Will Bueche says:

      There aren’t any laws, only theories. And we’ve already seen effect preceding cause, haven’t we? Not endorsing this silly video, but sometime the defense of the LAWS is too strident.

  32. miasm says:

    I bet that lady is blocking the view of some pretty sweet shoes and anyway you can totally see the reflection from the iPad 11 on his lap.

  33. julienne says:

    Isn’t that Doctor Who (11th Doctor) sitting on the right??

  34. Jason's Robot says:

    He’s dressed almost exactly like the guy next to him except he’s not wearing a hat and has short sleeves?!?!!?  It’s time travel!!

  35. Szekely says:

    Definitely a time travel!, he goes back and quickly “poised” for a photo.