Grey Album remastered by golden-eared engineer


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  1. TheOven says:

    I was just listening to this the other day. Good times.

  2. OoerictoO says:

    looks like he just plopped “Re-Mastered” on it in powerpoint and went on his way.  no attempt to match typographically.  i’m glad people seem to think the audio stuff is masterful… headed off for a listen

  3. David Bench says:

    Sounds infinitely better :)

  4. Ben Gott says:

    Remastered LOUD.  That’s a bummer.  It would’ve been much more enjoyable to hear the intricacies.

  5. Awesome, haven’t listened to this in years!

  6. franko says:

    i’ve never tired of this album, either. i can’t believe it’s been out for so long already.

  7. Ryan Griffin says:

    “niggling nabobs of negativism” -how I feel about BB trolls.   on topic-looking forward to hearing this remaster.

  8. Ashen Victor says:

    I fond the Grey Albun here long time ago and I have never stopped listening it…

  9. Itsumishi says:

    Paul McCartney and Jay-Z had no right to endorse the original album! Don’t people realise record companies control the rights of artists music for the good of music fans everywhere!

  10. Pheckphul says:

    If Stewart cares so much about sound quality why didn’t be post a lossless version as well?

  11. Sam Ley says:

    It is definitely mastered for the car stereo, rather than the headphones, but I suppose I don’t mind – that is usually where I blast the Grey Album anyway. I do wish it wasn’t quite so heavily compressed for normal listening.

  12. Steve says:

    it doesn’t matter if God himself gave his nod to D. Mouse.  EMI owns the copyright, they control what can and can not be done with it.  Don’t like it, get the laws changed.

  13. kawayama says:

    Can I have a version without Jay-Z, please?

  14. zaba says:

    Is this what you are looking for?

    Or, did I miss the whoosh?

  15. Brad Bell says:

    I feel this was really let down by bad metadata. The files come in untagged. iTunes can’t tell the difference between the files. I ended up trashing the originals and losing all the metadata. Now I wish I’d kept the original. saves the day by providing the tagged original:

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