Composited, time-accelerated video of airport traffic

Filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker composited four and a half hours of San Diego International Airport traffic into 25 seconds. "With an even blue background it’s fairly easy to key out each airplane and put them together. The bridge in this shot is an added time lapse under the 1st Street bridge in San Diego." Kuckenbaker was inspired by Ho-Yeol Ryu’s incredible composite photo of airplanes at Hannover Airport. "All Landings at San Diego Int Airport Friday Nov 23 from 1030am to 300pm" (via Colossal)


  1. You mean Ho-Yeol Ryu’s not-so-incredible pasting of various, unrelated photos of planes on top of photo of Hannover Airport. The video you posted is way cooler.

  2. This is just what I imagined for the ending of LOST! The Man in Black manages to kill off all the candidates and then, just as he’s about to walk off the island, all these planes start crashing all over the island, filled with new candidates. It probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it would have made for a great final image.

  3. This is great.  There is a glitch at 00:12 – 0:13 where a plane gets its wings clipped but still, great fun.

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