The Return of the Best Damn Comics of the Year -- Boing Boing Edition


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  1. Slartibartfatsdomino says:

    I gotta second Jordan Morris’s comments on Saga. Soooooooo Good!

    Prophet, on the other hand, bored me to tears with the first six issues and I dropped it. Although the artwork was nothing to sneeze at.

    Also, Hickman’s Manhattan Projects is pretty dern good.

  2. Jorpho says:

    I can only hope the reason Carol Lay’s “Illiterature” has not yet gotten its due is because it only came out last month. For it to remain forever overlooked would be sad.

  3. MariNaomi says:

    They didn’t include my disclaimer that I hadn’t yet (at the time of this survey) read Carol Tyler’s new book, You’ll Never Know, Vol. 3, which, after I read it, was not only my #1 favorite comic this year, but also of all time. COMICS!

  4. Impostleable says:

    You should probably look into formatting long posts with a cut so RSS readers of bb don’t have to scroll through TWENTY FIVE PAGES of a single article. C’mon, article formatting is nothing new, work it out.

  5. Ping Kee says:

    Hi, Brian (and all the contributors). Thanks for this amazing list. I really appreciate seeing all this in one place. 

    I clicked on every comic listed here that I haven’t heard of and it occurred to me how few have a good free preview available. I live in Hong Kong and will not see many (if any) of these on a bookshelf, and so will need to buy any I like here online. But even the links that took me to publisher’s sites rarely had a preview. 

    The only two I saw with a decent preview were “My Friend Dahmer” (which I bought immediately because I liked what I saw) and “Are You My Mother?” But the others…? I’m not really willing to shell out $15 or more (and say $150-200 in total) for a bunch of comics based on some cover art. 

    Am I the only person that thinks like this? Do other comic fans want to see a chunk of art and story before they make a purchase? I mean, some of these comics are retailing for $20+. I want more than an Amazon review and small pic of the cover. 

    So, any comic authors out there… I’d really like to see more previews. What about others? 

  6. bheater says:

    Hey Ping,

    Thanks for the nice words. Best I can tell you is to hunt for the authors’ own sites or social network accounts. Sometimes they’ll post their own pages to promote their books — occasionally review sites do as well. Not sure how accessible is outside of the States, but they often feature decent previews of some of the larger titles.  

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