NYT: In Manning case, "Jailers Become the Accused"


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  1. Richard says:

    Except of course if the Times actually had someone attending the trial there for more than a work day, they would know the article contains numerous miss-statements about the case.  For those details see this blog posting by Kevin Gosztola:

    New York Times Finally Shows Up to Cover Bradley Manning Proceedings (And Their Story Is Sloppy)

  2. Paul Renault says:

    If there’s ever an explanation was to why fewer and fewer well-informed people don’t refuse to spend money on conventional news sources, here it is.

    It’s frustrating that this trial is so poorly and misleadingly covered – even by the CBC News.

    But they are so good at repeating the politicians’ talking points, eh?

  3. Matt Grice says:

    Vote for Manning for Person of the Year in the Guardian poll – - if you give a shit.

    • DisGuest says:

       Do you have a link?

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      Looks like plenty of people did – he won by a huge margin. It would be great to see him get the Nobel Peace Prize though, Manning has done a lot more than some of the more famous recent laureates that we could mention (and at far greater personal cost). It would be interesting to see the US deal with their own political prisoner when he is internationally recognized as such.

      • rocketpjs says:

        Since when does the US pay attention to international anything?  Just so long as the tankers keep moving, or someone’s wedding party is getting bombed.

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