Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Negril, The Roxy, Fab 5 Freddy's Change The Beat

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    1. So Ed, are you going to continue this long enough to cover the spread of hip-hop scenes around the country? You’ve given a little hint about the spread to the west coast, but I’d also like Atlanta, Houston, and Memphis to get some attention.

      Thanks for covering all the early New York stuff. By 1980-1981 I was fairly well aware of much of this music. It was very popular in some of the Houston suburbs. I lost interest as soon as hip-hop became white jock elite music in my HS. I am happy to learn from you the history I sort of knew and then refused to care about.

  1. McLaren was well known to simultaneously be a tastemaker, an opportunist, a leech upon the truly creative, and also the only person in a scene full of drug addicts and nutcases who could actually get anything done.  Before reading this book, I didn’t realize that he had started with managing (some would say “puppeteering”) the New York Dolls before doing the SEX clothing shop with Westwood, whereby he put together his next group from the kids that bought the clothes:  the Sex Pistols.

    love him or hate him, I gotta give him credit for trolling the Queen’s silver jubilee celebration on the Thames with his own boat:

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