Freaky cute frog is angry

This here is a Namaqua Rain Frog (Breviceps namaquensis) in Port Nolloth on the northwestern coast of South Africa. (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. I don’t know exactly what that frog was saying; but I’ve got a very upset caller from Concerned Citizens for Amphibian Decency who wants it bleeped…

  2. Evolution. You must love it. It’s so adorable. Pays of even for Guinea worms, that one. Nearly.

  3. Crashproof, the frog’s sounds made my dogs very curious, too.  One of the few times that I caught them actually looking at the screen.
    I guess he sounds like a squeeky toy.

    Idea! We put the recording out as a dog call!

  4. Concerned the world’s pet poachers will scoop these critters up now to sell as kawaii cutesy pets…

  5. I’m just confused watching this little character. I’ve never seen eyes like those before. I followed the link and read the wiki.  Says it’s a burrowing breed that doesn’t inhabit water nor have webbing between it’s toes. For those in the know, what is the distinction between a frog and a toad? Why is this creature not considered to be a toad (since it’s a land lubber)?

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