Video of Russian meteor explosion

Over at The Daily Grail, Greg posted several of the best videos documenting today's meteor explosion over Russia's central Ural Mountains that injured hundreds.


    1. No, it’d still be a story. Events like this are rare enough that everyone would be chattering about it. Obviously it’s easier to gawk  when there’s dozens of angles to choose from, but that’s really just icing on the cake.

      To be fair, scientists are probably in the process of creaming themselves because of those dash cams. They provide an unprecedented quantity of data to study, and I’m sure they’re going to spend years analyzing it.


      seems like a clean cut and everything around it is sort of OK. If it was knocked down by shockwave it would have been a lot more damage and in a wider circular area.

      1. Yeah, I do have to wonder, because now reports are coming in of fragments hitting the ground.  In this case below, a lake.

  1. Why is the BBC and half of the other outlets calling this a ‘meteor shower’?  It is a meteor, not a bunch of them. I’ve been trying to figure that one out since I saw the BBC’s tweets about it this morning.

    1. Why is the BBC and half of the other outlets calling this a ‘meteor shower’?

      Does Maggie have to do another post about the lack of science literacy in journalism? The BBC just had a breathless article the other day about lightning striking St. Peter’s after the Pope resigned.

  2. I’m more impressed with how casual everyone seems about it.  They barely slow down, in America that would have caused grid lock for 20 miles in all directions just from the rubbernecking…

    1. I know and none of the people in the cars where screaming. I know Russians have a reputation for being stoic in the face of terror, but seriously, that was some Armageddon stuff happening right there. I would have been screaming my fool head off and careening into parked cars and pedestrians the moment that thing appeared at the top of my windshield.

      1. I don’t know. First of all, it’s over pretty quickly. Second, what are you going to do about it? It’s like driving past a burning building or a car accident on the way to work. Assuming the fire trucks are there, there’s nothing to do but put it out of your mind and keep driving (even if the first thing you do at work is look it up on the net).

        1. Yeah but I’ve seen car accident and fires before, I know those things usually get taken care of by the proper authorities. I have never in my life witness what happened in the sky there. If that was happening in real time right before my eyes while I was driving, I’m telling you hand-to-god there would be screaming and at least $50K in property damage. 

          1. Yes, thank you. My instincts would have been to brake the car, gawp, scream, curl into a ball, cover my head, and have my life flash before my eyes. 

  3. Why do some of these video clips have the wrong date – at one point 2012-12-31 appears which isn’t even the correct year.

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