Thermal video and photos of Boston bombing suspect, hiding in boat

Massachusetts State Police (MSP) released this video shot from their airwing helicopter hovering over "The Slipaway II," the boat where 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect, was captured and arrested last Friday night. Below, photos taken from the State Police Air Wing during the Watertown manhunt, released through the MSP Twitter account.

The photos were captured with FLIR, "a forward-looking infrared device used to pick up a person's heat signature, combined with night vision technology."


      1. Are you sure? It’s a bang, a spray towards one side, a gust of hot gas wafting off, and what looks like pooling liquid.

        Is it not possible than it was his attempted suicide?

        I guess if it were, it would no longer be a question about whether or not he did try to commit suicide, so I guess it’s obvious to those who know what to look for. My first reaction was that it was a gunshot, though.

  1. This is where they should have brought in the drone strike. Here we have a high profile enemy combatant in a confirmed location. There is always the chance that some property could have been destroyed and some other people in that area could have been killed or injured, but these people shouldn’t really have been in the combat zone in the first place – they could be collaborators if they are adult men or trainees if they are boys. It would be a good chance to show the world that innocent lives are valued as highly on US soil as they are elsewhere.

    1. Having trouble reading your comment, what with the giant straw man erected in front of it and all.

  2. I do like FLIR cams(and wish that they were cheaper on ebay, damn does photography get expensive if you want to go further than the near-IR that cheapy CMOS will handle); but isn’t this one of those ‘Oh boy, your heroically expensive and sophisticated technology has managed to draw exactly the same conclusions that the guy who followed the trail of blood to his boat and looked inside already drew considerably earlier, would you prefer a medal, a cookie, or a medal-shaped cookie?’ situations?

    There are applications for which such IR cameras are extremely powerful, and are either far faster or simply Just Plain Better than competing options; but this particular instance looks like a thick layer of sci-fi vision over what was already a triviality.

    1. They can see his position in the boat and his posture with the IR, also if he was going to try something they’d have advanced warning.

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