Onion gets hacked by Syrian propagandists, responds with funny article

The Onion got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, who proceeded to send out a bunch of tweets that could have been mistaken for actual Onion tweets making fun of the sort of thing that Syrian propagandists would tweet if they hacked the Onion's Twitter (see after the jump for the full list). But no, they actually did get hacked.

The Onion responded by putting up a post called Syrian Electronic Army Has A Little Fun Before Inevitable Upcoming Deaths At Hands Of Rebels, which matches the Assadists' bluster and is much funnier:

DAMASCUS, SYRIA—After hacking into The Onion’s Twitter account earlier today, members of the Syrian Electronic Army confirmed that the organization simply wanted to have a little fun before soon dying at the hands of rebel forces. “We figured that before they bust in here and execute every single one of us, we might as well have a good time and post some silly tweets about Israel from a major media outlet’s feed,” said a spokesperson from the pro-Assad group, adding that he and his cohorts “had a few good laughs” and are now fully prepared for their painful and undoubtedly horrific deaths in the coming days. “I mean, we definitely don’t have much time left, so we thought, hey, let’s just enjoy ourselves before getting blown away by rockets, decapitated, beaten to death, or hung during public executions. Why not, right?” At press time, violent screams and pleas for mercy were reportedly overheard as rebel troops broke into the Syrian Electronic Army’s hideout.


  1. “before they bust in here and execute every single one of us”
    Ha ha , man that’s not funny!

      1. I showed this to my former neighbor, who had a rather violently hostile reaction to it. I probably should have taken into account the fact that he had murdered a few people and was getting to an age where the afterlife was starting to look like reality.

        1.  a nice article, highlights some of the issues against mother terresa (not administering medicine, advocating aginst condoms that would actually help the third world) as well as the insanity and grotesqueness of the concept of hell (that you would receive such a punishment, forever, for the slightest of trespasses)

    1. You really wanna be the guy saying, “That’s not funny!” while guys like me snicker?

      1.  Yeah! Murder jokes are funny! Right up until they desensitize people about victims of violence.
        Don’t support Violence Culture.

    2. Well, as a rule of thumb, if something elicits a knee-jerk reaction from a brittle dullard whose sensibilities have been offended, it’s probably funny.

      Thank you for participating in this test. Humor confirmed.

  2. I feel funny saying this, but this crosses the line for me.

    Anyone else who aids the ultra-loathsome Syrian regime are necessarily a bunch of mindless jerks who should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, as the saying goes.

    But the fact that there is an actual possibility of them being put against a wall when the actual revolution comes makes it hard to laugh. Real violent murder of real people just isn’t hilarious. 

    1. I have to wonder if the SEA are even in Syria.  The kind of doltish bravado that would bring you to hack The Onion’s twitter feed reeks of  safe distance from any actual danger.  Probably tweeting from some uni computer lab in the states.

    2. It would be a great deal less funny if the Onion staff were the ones executing them.

      No, upon reflection, I take that back.

    3. In this case, not finding humor in The Onion’s reply shouldn’t be an indicator of a stick up one’s ass.  It’s incredibly brutal on both sides of the conflict.  No matter who the eventual victor is, everybody loses.  

  3. I have to admit, I find a couple of those tweets funny. The Futurama meme one was a very nice touch.

  4. I don’t even.  All I can do is marvel at how we definitely live in a cyberpunk dystopia.  Or cyber- at least…are we still punks?  I try to be, at least a little.

  5. Wait, which side of this conflict are we on? The ruthless dictator with the chemical weapons or the hard-line Islamist rebels?

      1. Which ones? And, do they have a side?

        Presumably, everybody’s core desire here is not to get killed. But, so far as I can tell, there’s very little likelihood of nobody getting killed, so our best case is that few people get killed. However, in all cases like these, we have several groups who would rather die in the process of maximizing the fatalities of some arbitrarily defined ‘other side’ than live with minimal opposing casualties. No active agent will be trying to hold the violent parties apart; both parties will claim the other as the aggressor. Typical primate hierarchy shit. Unless we can isolate a group advocating and practicing nonviolence, we’re just idolizing one side over another in a negative-sum game.

        1. There’s a difference between being the agressor, and defending and fighting back. The rebels started out as a few nonviolent student protesters, but weren’t given the opportunity to remain so—nobody is in Syria. Your kind of nihilism doesn’t allow for one’s own defense as far as I can tell.

  6. Since those people probably will die, this has to be the harshest burn of all time. Well done, Onion! A measured and devastating response.

  7. 10 to 1 the Syrian Electronic Army hacks Boing Boing comments by tomorrow.

    “Syrian Electronic Army” — does that not bring to mind the middle school adjunct of Anonymous? Great name for a band.

  8. I’m not sure I’d have deleted the Tweets. They’re kind of the ultimate fake news.

  9. The SEA ventured into The Onion’s battlefield, not the other way around slash the Onion’s response, totally appropriate.

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