Real Stuff: Bad Trip

"I had a mega-bummer back in 1974 when I was living in Moscow, Idaho... I was a former member of the University of Idaho varsity football team and I liked getting stoned... a lot." From Real Stuff #1 (Fantagraphics, December 1990).

By Dennis Eichhorn

Read about this project and listen to Mark's interview with Dennis Eichhorn here.

Published 4:47 pm Mon, May 20, 2013

About the Author

Dennis P. Eichhorn is an award-winning American writer best known for his adult-oriented autobiographical comic book series Real Stuff.

14 Responses to “Real Stuff: Bad Trip”

  1. niktemadur says:

    That’s quite a story, but all the stuff that goes on during the trip is external, it would be an epically horrible day even without the LSD.
    Most bad trips I’ve heard about from friends involve staring into the void, no external triggers are necessary.

  2. fivetonsflax says:

    Riveting.  Thanks for this.

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  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    I’ve only dropped acid once. I read the chapter of Watchmen where Rorschach is in prison, telling his life story to the psychiatrist. 

    It was hilarious.

    • hinijusopowi says:

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      • David Haddad says:

         I’ve never seen this one before. Crypto-typography?

        • EeyoreX says:

          It’s a sneaky way of getting you invested in decoding a spam text, whilst circumventing spam word filters at the same time. In other words: pure evil.

  5. justsomeguy says:

    well-told, tragic, and a beautiful artistic style. It’s impressive that he was able to navigate the steadily declining series of events without just bad-tripping, balled-up in the corner. Then again, he’s writing about it 16 years later, it must have had a profound effect.

  6. noah django says:

    best artist/story combo yet

  7. James Penrose says:

    Long way around a short road that says “Drugs mess you up and make you do stupid things that will affect your entire life and even other people.”

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      My life history would be far poorer without acid, poppers and liquid eyeliner.

    • PhasmaFelis says:

      How’d you get that from this story? None of the bad things that in the story were caused by the drugs. Except maybe the face full of shit, but it’s hard to say that helping your neighbors fix their plumbing is a stupid decision; it just happened to bite him in this case.

      Actually, that was the really weird thing. He gets a bucket of shitwater dumped on him, drives to the hospital, hangs out with his wife, and does a full shift at work, and nobody ever reacts to the smell in any way worth recording?

  8. photonblaster says:

    That cold feeling that you are about to get the payback you deserve.