Why UK government IT sucks so hard


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  1. Spieguh says:

    Does Wal-Mart offer web dev services yet?

  2. I bid 10k for a whiteboard. For another 5 I’ll add some pens in the next suffix release.

  3. eustajoh says:

    gov.uk won a design of the year award.
    It doesn’t all suck.

  4. euansmith says:

    I work of UK Gov, and the IT does indeed suck, but that’s okay, because the tech support is even worse.

  5. OriGuy says:

    As they say in project management class; Fast, Good, and Cheap, pick any two.

  6. Boundegar says:

    Wait, if this is for a 523 000 GBP contract, then isn’t the price already known?

  7. Jonathan Roberts says:

    I’m currently trying to obtain citizenship for my adopted son, who is still on a Chinese passport. The Border Agency website is pretty good and generally informative, but there are a number of important points that it doesn’t address. I called the number that was listed on the website, but it was completely unmanned and just directed me to the email address. After sending an email, I got an automated response giving me some FAQs and telling me to check the website for more information. At the bottom of the message there was another email address to write to if your issue wasn’t addressed, so I wrote to that. So far I’ve written four times in the past month, and haven’t had a response yet. I’ve also contacted the UK embassy a few times, they just tell me to contact the phone number.

    • ocker3 says:

       My problems are only getting computers fixed, but it sounds like the system you’re trying to deal with was designed by the same crowd!

  8. Richard Kirk says:

    This is pretty good price and quality control when you compare it to the proposed Snoopers’ Charter engine. That was supposed to be about 1.5 billion pounds, but has been estimated to actually be between 10 and 12 billion pounds depending on who you believe; and no agreed tests for what it should do or whether it can do it.

    These people have been sponsoring over-budget projects that don’t deliver since the Babbage Difference Engine. That was ten times over budget when they killed the project after 19 years without delivering anything. You cannot really flop any harder than that, but you can always flop bigger, I guess.

  9. chris coreline says:

    Hifive Angie!! your internet famous now!

  10. Anton Gully says:

    It’s not like they’re short of money.


    (InvestNI returns another £21.6m it cannot spend.)

  11. josephkern says:

    #ITIL strikes again! Sisyphus as a #sysadmin. The most vocal supporters of IT governance can’t govern themselves; things we hate in others often is what we hate most in ourselves.

  12. Melissa says:

    How is this even a story? Pretty much all large government contracts go to the lowest bidder.

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