Why are the protesters in Gezi Park?


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  1. grumpytabby says:

    Most people who protested the environmental issues and initial police brutality in the first days are long gone.From what I see after the initial events, current protesters consist of  bunch of unknown (they get like %0.something vote) far leftists who just like to fight for never-coming socialist revolution in any give opportunity and some opposition people with sour grapes for  losing after 3 consecutive elections 
    Granted, PM is an arrogant chap, but this guys do not receive much sympathy from me either.

    • Negatron says:

      Far leftist don’t even make 2% of the protesters. Have you seen the crowd gathered in Taksim last Friday?

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      Yesterday, CBC’s As It Happens interviewed one of the organizers of the original environmental protest. Both she and all her colleagues remain in Taksim.

      Tufekci, a careful, reputable sociologist, has conducted numerous interviews with the protesters presently in the square. She enumerates their demographics and motivations in the linked article.

      Both of these accounts contradict yours.

      Do you have any evidence to support your dismissal of what appears to be a crowd of brave and principled protesters who have been set-upon and brutalized?

      • grumpytabby says:

        I noted that there are opposition party supporters with sour grapes as well. But sure far leftists makes the most noise and destruction.

        Here is a recent survey:
        (Unfortunately Turkish)
        Form that, it is pretty clear that current protesters has an ideological-political motive rather than a resistance against police brutality or reconstruction of the Taksim square. 

        They cannot even state what they really want and yet some 100 guy blocks a main road just because they want to. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Grapt1984 says:

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  3. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Yes, but what do they want?! Who is their leader? Where is their list of demands? I can’t take these ragtag hippies seriously until they adhere to my preconceived notion of a political movement.

  4. CLamb says:

    “due to the electoral system which punishes small parties” Gee, just like the USA.

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