Tell Me Something I Don't Know 009: John Porcellino


8 Responses to “Tell Me Something I Don't Know 009: John Porcellino”

  1. TacoChuck says:

    Woo-hoo! Marginalization and stigmatization of fast food workers, always a winning move.

    • royaltrux says:

      You’ve read it all? Surely not judging by the cover, right?

      • TacoChuck says:

         Nope, just went with the picture, was turned off by that. Should they somehow not marginalize people working hard for a living in a difficult environment, I’d be happy.

        • John P. says:

          Hi Chuck, I usually don’t respond to comments, but I felt obliged to point out that that’s a self-portrait I drew of myself working hard in a difficult environment.  I’m the last person to want to minimize the efforts of working class people.  Thanks for pointing out, though, that that marginalization exists.

          • TacoChuck says:

             Thank you very much. I am admittedly hyper sensitive to labor issues and just saw the image and that was my impression and reaction. I am really glad to hear your substance is different than my first impression.

            For what it is worth, I dig the illustration style.

  2. Derik Badman says:

    John (hope you are still reading the comments), what’s the name of the Japanese printmaker you  mentioned?

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