This Day in Blogging History: Kickstarted pen ripped off by manufacturer; Hassled for photographic Lovecraft's tombstone; Kyle Baker's Undercover Genie

One year ago today
Kickstarter pen case copied by person who set up their manufacturing? A sneaky trick pulled on some folks who launched a cool pen and ruler sleeve campaign on Kickstarter.

Five years ago today
Writer who photographed HP Lovecraft's headstone ordered to delete her photo, heaped with abuse: The security was incredibly abusive and jerky. Just another skirmish in the war against photography, as the brave security guards of the world prevent the theft of photons from our poor, helpless inanimate objects.

Ten years ago today
Kyle "Why I Hate Saturn" Baker's new collection: Vertigo has just issued a new collection of Baker material, called "Undercover Genie."